Designing a Better Day:


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By: Keith Diaz Moore,Lyn Dally Geboy,Gerald D. Weisman
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AcknowledgmentsIntroduction: Setting the Stage for a Better DayAdult Day Centers: An Emerging Place TypeSome Important TermsHow This Book Is OrganizedPart I: Creating Awareness1. Putting ADCs in ContextThe Historical and Societal Origins of ADCsAdult Day Services TodayCharacter Profiles of Three Common Day Centers2. The Social/Spatial Structure Approach: Diagnostic Patterns in ADCsPattern SeekingPatterns and PlacesDiagnosing Prevalent ADC Types3. The Experiential Approach: Attributes of Place ExperienceA Vocabulary of Place ExperienceAttributes of Place ExperienceExperiencing ADCsConclusionPart II: Increasing Understanding4. ADCs, Places, and SystemsA Model of PlaceThe Placemaking ProcessConclusionPart III: Taking Action5. The Process of Adult/Dementia Day Center DevelopmentA Guiding Image: Your Project VisionWhere to Operate? Site CriteriaMoving from Vision to Project ConceptConclusion6. Determining Feasibility of an Adult/Dementia Day Center ProjectFinancial Feasibility Statement: The Pro FormaNeeds Assessment: If You Build It,Will They Come?7. Developing an Activity ProgramValuing Strengths, Abilities, and ChallengesGiving the Activities Program Direction: Strategic OrientationsLife as ActivityHealth and RehabilitationChoreographing the Daily ProgramConclusion8. Prescriptive Patterns to Facilitate Life as ActivityIntegrating Program and SettingRealm of Activity: Coming and GoingRealm of Activity: Walking and ExploringRealm of Activity: Daily Life ActivitiesRealm of Activity: Cooking and DiningRealm of Activity: Being OutsideConclusion9. Prescriptive Patterns to Facilitate Health and RehabilitationRealm of Activity: Personal Care: ToiletingRealm of Activity: Personal Care: BathingRealm of Activity: Physical and Health Support ActivitiesConclusion10. Evaluating Adult/Dementia Day Centers as PlacesConclusionPeopleProgramPhysical SettingReferencesIndex

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