Handbook of Medical and Psychological Hypnosis

Foundations, Applications, and Professional Issues


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Gary R. Elkins
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Foundations of Medical and Psychological Hypnosis 1. History of Medical and Psychological Hypnosis (John Klocek) 2. Theories of Hypnosis (Michael Heap) 3. Neurophysiology of Hypnosis (Amir Raz, Mathieu Landry) 4. Presenting Hypnosis to the Patient (Joseph Myerson) 5. Hypnotizability (Erik Woody, Pamela Sadler) 6. Laws and Principles of Hypnotic Inductions (Consuelo Casula) 7. Formulating Hypnotic Suggestions (David Godot) 8. Hypnotic Phenomena and Deepening Techniques (Arreed Barabasz) 9. Resistance to Hypnotic Inductions (Dan Short) Systems of Hypnotherapy 10. Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy (Gary Elkins) 11. Cognitive Hypnotherapy (Assen Alladin) 12. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Betty Alice Erickson) 13. Hypnoanalysis (Thomas Wall) 14. Ego State Therapy (Claire Fredrick) Medical Applications 15. Asthma (Ran Anbar) 16. Auto-Immune Disorders (Moshe Torem) 17. Bone Fractures (Carol Ginandes) 18. Cancer-Related Fatigue (Kimberly Hickman, Debra Barton, Gary Elkins) 19. Cataract Surgery (Edit Jakubovits, Zoltan Kekecs, Katalin Gomobos) 20. Cystic Fibrosis (Ran Anbar) 21. Dental Applications (Ashley Goodman and Gabor Filo) 22. Diabetes (Michelle Perfect) 23. Dysphagia (David Alter) 24. Enuresis (Jeffrey Lazarus) 25. Fibromyalgia (Giuseppe DeBenedittis) 26. Headache - Adults (Giuseppe DeBenedittis) 27. Headache - Children (Dan Kohen) 28. Hypertension (Edit Jakubovits, Zoltan Kekecs) 29. Irritable Bowel (Olafur Palsson) 30. Labor and Delivery (Annete Werner) 31. Loin Pain Hematuria (Lauren Koep) 32. Menopause-Hot Flashes (Gary Elkins, Yesenia Mosca) 33. Morgellens' Syndrome (Ashley Gartner) 34. Nailbiting (Dan Kohen) 35. Nausea Associated With Chemotherapy (Alexander Levitan) 36. Pain control-Acute and Procedural (Elvira Lang) 37. Pain Management - Chronic Pain (Mark Jensen) 38. Palliative care (Dan Handel) 39. Parkinson's (Jim Sliwinski) 40. Pediatrics (Karen Olness) 41. Pre-surgery (Linda Thompson) 42. Prostate Cancer (Cassie Kendrick) 43. Raynauld's Syndrome (Aimee Johnson) 44. Rehabilitation: Amelioration of Suffering and Adjustment (Phillip Appel) 45. Skin Disorders (Phillip Shenefelt) 46. Spasmodic Torticollis (Giuseppe DeBenedittis) 47. Vocal Cord Dysfunction (Ran Anbar, Benedicto A. Fernandes) 48. Warts (Amelia Yu, Juliette Bowers) Psychological Applications 49. Addictions and Relapse Prevention (Ron Pekala) 50. Affect Regulation (Carolyn Daitch) 51. Anger Management (E. Thomas Dowd) 52. Anxieties in Adults (Burkhard Peter) 53. Anxiety in Children (Pamela Kaiser) 54. Bereavement (Alex Iglesias and Adam Iglesias) 55. Conversion Disorder (Camillo Loriedo) 56. Depression (Moshe Torem) 57. Eating Disorders (Moshe Torem) 58. Ego Strengthening (Don Moss) 59. Fear of Flying (Sharon Spiegel) 60. Flow and Peak Experiences (Juliette Bowers) 61. Forensic Interviewing and Hypnosis (Graham Wagstaff) 62. Marital Communication (Carol Kershaw) 63. Mindfulness and Hypnosis (Nicholas Olendzki, Gary Elkins) 64. Obesity and Weight Loss (Marty Sapp) 65. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Ciara Christensen) 66. Sexual Self-Image (Gary Elkins, Alisa Johnson, Debra Barton) 67. Slow Wave Sleep (Bjoern Rasch and Dr. Maren Cordi) 68. Smoking Cessation (Joseph Green) 69. Sports Performance (Roland Carlstedt) 70. Stress Management (Robin Chapman) Professional Issues 71. Ethics (Tom Nagy) 72. Certification in Hypnosis and Specialty Boards (David Alter) 73. Placebo Effects and Hypnosis (Irving Kirsch) 74. Precautions to the Use of Hypnosis in Patient Care (Richard Kluft) 75. Research Methods in Medical and Psychological Hypnosis (Steve Lynn)

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