The Social Work Field Placement


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Author: John Poulin,Selina Matis,Heather Witt
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John Poulin, PhD, MSW, is a professor emeritus and adjunct professor at Widener University's Center for Social Work Education in Chester, Pennsylvania, currently teaching the foundation field seminar in Widener's online MSW program. In 2016, he retired from Widener University, where he taught generalist practice, research, and policy courses for 32 years. Selina Matis, PhD, LCSW, LICSW, is a lifelong resident of Southwestern Pennsylvania. She received her doctoral degree in social work from Widener University. Additionally, she has a MSW (Master of Social Work), BS in Elementary Education and a MS in School Psychology all from California University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Matis is a full-time Practice Education Associate Faculty member at Capella University in the MSW Program. Clinically, she has worked primarily in the mental health arena supporting children and their families in a variety of settings. She has specialized in treating trauma across the lifespan. She currently runs a private practice providing counseling, consultation, and supervision services. Heather Witt, PhD, LMSW, MEd, is a licensed social worker and assistant professor of Social Work at Boise State University. She received her PhD and MSW from Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. As a clinical social worker, she worked with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults providing individual, group, family, and relationship therapy.
List of Contributors Preface PART I. MAXIMIZING YOUR FIELD PLACEMENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE Chapter 1. The Social Work Field Placement Chapter 2. Understanding Your Agency and Community Chapter 3. Maximizing Your Learning Opportunities and Documenting Your Competencies Chapter 4. Using Supervision to Guide Professional Development and Behavior Chapter 5. Using Reflection and Self-Regulation to Promote Well-Being Through Self-Care PART II. DEVELOPING YOUR PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES Chapter 6. Demonstrating Ethical and Professional Behavior Chapter 7. Engaging Diversity and Difference in Practice Chapter 8. Advancing Human Rights and Social Justice in Your Field Placement Chapter 9. Research Informed Practice in Your Field Placement Chapter 10. Engaging in Policy Practice in Your Field Placement Chapter 11. Engaging with Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations, and Communities Chapter 12. Micro Assessment: Individuals, Families, and Groups Chapter 13. Assessing Organizations and Communities Chapter 14. Intervening with Individuals, Families, and Groups Chapter 15. Intervening with Organizations and Communities Chapter 16. Applied Research and Practice Evaluation in Your Field Placement Index

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