Handbook of Cancer Survivorship Care


Title: Handbook of Cancer Survivorship Care
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By: Maria Alma Rodriguez,Lewis E. Foxhall
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Preface Lewis E. Foxhall and Maria Alma Rodriguez PART ONE: GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF SURVIVORSHIP CARE 1. Defining Cancer Survivors and Survivorship Maria Alma Rodriguez and Paula Lewis-Patterson 2. Tools for Clinicians Guadalupe Palos and Katherine Gilmore 3. Treatment Related Late and Long-Term Effects Jeong Oh 4. Psychosocial Issues Lynn Waldmann and Karen Stepan 5. Screening and Prevention Strategies Therese Bevers and Suzanne Day 6. Care of the Older Adult Cancer Survivor Beatrice Edwards, Maria Suarez-Almazor, and Linda Pang 7. Late Effects in Cancer Survivors Beatrice Edwards, Maria Suarez-Almazor, and Linda Pang PART TWO: MANAGEMENT OF SITE-SPECIFIC CANCERS 8. Integrative Medicine Gabriel Lopez 9. Childhood Cancers Joann Ater and Angela Yarbrough 10. Management of Breast Cancers Joyce Dains and Marita Lazzaro 11. Management of Colorectal Cancers George Chang and Tilu Ninan 12. Management of Prostate Cancers Jeri Kim, William Osai, and Spyridon Basourasko 13. Management of Head & Neck Cancers Kristen Pytynia and Charlies Schreiner 14. Management of Lymphoma Cancers Maria Alma Rodriguez, Ellen Mullen and Haleigh Mistry 15. Management of Stem Cell Transplantation Survivors Amin Alousi and Karen Stolar 16. Management of Thyroid Cancers Johnny Rollins

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