McLean EMG Guide


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Author: Samuel K. Chu,Prakash Jayabalan,Christopher J. Visco
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Foreword by Christopher J. Visco Preface Section I: Introduction Chapter 1: Introduction to Electrodiagnostics by Gautam Malhotra Chapter 2: Instrumentation by Gautam Malhotra Chapter 3: Systematic Approach to Learning and Performing Nerve Conduction Studies by Gautam Malhotra, Jason Bitterman, and Chae K. Im Section II: Nerve Conduction Studies Chapter 4: Upper Limb Motor Studies by Matthew C. Oswald and Khushboo Doshi Chapter 5: Upper Limb Sensory Studies by Byron J. Schneider and David J. Kennedy Chapter 6: Lower Limb Motor Studies by Berdale Colorado Chapter 7: Lower Limb Sensory Studies by Jacqueline Neal and Nida Gleveckas-Martens Chapter 8: F-Waves by Solomon Rojhani and Akhil Chhatre Chapter 9: H-Reflexes by Leslie Rydberg Section III: Needle EMG Chapter 10: Basic EMG Technique by Christian M. Custodio Chapter 11: Basic Approach to EMG Waveform Recognition by Gautam Malhotra and Chae K. Im Chapter 12: Motor Unit Action Potential Analysis by Anirudh Gupta, Kasser Saba, and W. David Arnold Chapter 13: Recruitment by Monal Desai and W. David Arnold Section IV: Important Concepts for Interpreting Studies Chapter 14: Orthodromic and Antidromic Nerve Conduction Studies by Daniel Goodman Chapter 15: Temporal Dispersion and Phase Cancellation by Mary Ann Miknevich and Jenna Meriggi Chapter 16: Interpreting Studies by Joelle Gabet and Wendy M. Helkowski Chapter 17: Common Anomalies by Nabela Enam and Nigel Shenoy Section V: Common Clinical Entities Chapter 18: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Leslie Rydberg Chapter 19: Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow by Akinpelumi Beckley and Susie S. Kwon Chapter 20: Radial Neuropathy by Jonathan S. Kirschner and Carlo Milani Chapter 21: Anterior Interosseous Nerve Lesion by Patrick J. Barrett Chapter 22: Fibular (Peroneal) Neuropathy by Rohini Sweta Rao and Aaron Jay Yang Chapter 23: Tibial Neuropathy by Brian F. White Chapter 24: Femoral Neuropathy by Dan Cushman Chapter 25: Lumbosacral Radiculopathy by Nate Olafsen Chapter 26: Cervical Radiculopathy by Ryan Doyel and Monica E. Rho Chapter 27: Facial Nerve and Blink Studies by Kevin Carneiro and William Filer Chapter 28: Repetitive Stimulation and Neuromuscular Junction Disorders by Trevor Gessel and Nassim Rad Chapter 29: Peripheral Neuropathy by Michael Mallow Chapter 30: Brachial Plexus by Christopher J. Visco Chapter 31: Motor Neuron Disease by Dena Abdelshahed, Ankita Dutta, Chae Im and James Wyss Chapter 32: Myopathy by Gautam Malhotra Chapter 33: The Use of Ultrasound with Electrodiagnosis by Jeffrey A. Strakowski Checklist Answers to Multiple-Choice Question

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