Multiple Sclerosis

Questions and Answers for Patients and Loved Ones


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An Introduction to MS 1. What Are The Worst Symptoms for Newly Diagnosed Patients? 2. What is Multiple Sclerosis? 3. Neuroscience Basics 4. What Happens in MS? 5. What Causes MS? 6. What is a Relapse? 7. What Are the Initial Symptoms of MS? 8. How is MS Diagnosed? 9. Do I Need A Lumbar Puncture? 10. What Should I Expect With A Lumbar Puncture? 11. What are the Stages and Different Types of MS? 12. How Can I Tell if I am in the Secondary-Progressive Phase? 13. What is the Prognosis of MS? 14. What is the Life Expectancy for People With MS? 15. Will I Wake up One Day and Not Be Able to Walk? 16. Do Relapses Matter? 17. What About Pediatric MS? The MRI and MS 1. What is an MRI and What Does it Show in MS? 2. How Are MRIs Used to Diagnose MS? 3. How Do MRIs Help With Relapses? 4. How Do MRIs Help With Disease Surveillance? 5. Do All White Spots Mean MS? Treating MS Part I: Relapses 1. How Are Relapses Treated? 2. What are the Side Effects of Steroids? 3. Are There Options Besides Steroids for Relapses? What is ACTHAR? What is Plasmapheresis? Treating MS Part II: Disease-Modifying Therapies 1. An Introduction to the Disease-Modifying Therapies. 2. How Do We Evaluate the Medications in MS? 3. What is the EDSS? 4. Why is MS a Hard Disease to Study? 5. Why Should I Take a Medication if I Feel Fine? 6. Which Medicine Should I Start Taking? The Injectable Medications. 7. What are Monoclonal Antibodies? 8. What is Tysabri (natalizumab)? 9. What are the Risk Factors for PML in Patients on Tysabri? 10. How is PML Diagnosed? 11. Can PML be Treated? 12. What is Lemtrada (alemtuzumab)? 13. What is Ocrevus (ocrelizumab)? 14. What About the Oral Medications? 15. What is Gilenya (fingolimod)? 16. What is Aubagio (teriflunomide)? 17. What is Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate)? 18. PML Summary: 19. What is Novantrone (mitoxantrone)? 20. How Do I Know if My Medication Working? 21. What is Dangerous for Patients with MS? 22. Will I Have to Take This Medication for the Rest of My Life? 23. Can Medications be Combined? 24. What About Stem Cells? 25. What About Treating Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis? 26. Why is Progress in MS So Difficult? 27. Should I Take any Supplements? 28. What About Vitamin D? 29. What About Biotin? 30. What About Quackery in MS? Treating MS Part III: Symptoms 1. What Are Symptomatic Treatments for MS? 2. Fatigue 3. Pain 4. Nystagmus 5. Spasticity 6. Mental Health 7. Pseudobulbar Palsy 8. Heat Intolerance 9. Trouble Walking 10. Let's Talk About Sex, Baby 11. Bladder Dysfunction 12. Cognition 13. Tremor 14. What About Marijuana? 15. What is Polypharmacy? 16. What is the Role of Physical Therapy in MS? 17. What is the Role of Occupations Therapy in MS? 18. What Mobility Assistive Devices Are Available? Lifestyle and MS 1. What Lifestyle Changes Should I Make? 2. What is the Best Thing I Can do For My Health? 3. Should I Change My Diet? 4. Should I Get the Flu Vaccine? 5. Should I Stop Working? Pregnancy and MS 1. How Does Pregnancy Affect the Course of MS? 2. What About Fertility Treatments? 3. How Are Relapses Managed in Pregnancy? 4. What about Disease Modifying Therapies During Pregnancy? 5. What About Symptomatic Therapies in Pregnancy? 6. What About MRIs in Pregnancy? 7. What About Labor and Delivery? 8. What About The Postnatal Period? 9. What About Breastfeeding?

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