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Foreword by Shawn Fagan, MD, FACS Preface Acknowledgements SECTION I DEFINING THE SPECTRUM OF WOUNDS Chapter 1. Attacking the Basics: What Fuels a Wound Chapter 2. The Phases of Wound Healing and Types of Wound Closure Chapter 3. Acute Wounds Chapter 4. Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds Chapter 5. Pressure Injuries Chapter 6. Atypical, Complex Wounds SECTION II ASSESSMENT, MEASUREMENT, AND DOCUMENTATION Chapter 7. Assessing Wounds Chapter 8. Documenting and Photographing Wounds SECTION III WOUND CARE TREATMENT AND PROTOCOLS Chapter 9. Selecting the Correct Dressings Chapter 10. Biologic Agents and Skin Substitutes Chapter 11. Wound Debridement Chapter 12. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chapter 13. Caring for Ostomies and Fistulas Chapter 14. The Promotion of Skin Integrity Chapter 15. Selecting Optimal Support Surfaces and Patient Positioning SECTION IV LEGAL ASPECTS AND REGULATIONS Chapter 16. Qualifications and Certifications for Wound Care Chapter 17. Facility Accreditation Chapter 18. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Healthcare's Common Procedural Coding System
Trisha Myers, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner at Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America. A certified wound specialist, Ms. Myers has spent more than two decades providing specialized wound care for patients with burn injuries as well as a myriad of acute, chronic, and complex wounds. She helped develop an inpatient wound consultancy program for her practice and regularly publishes articles related to burn and wound care in various scholastic journals. In the past, Ms. Myers has worked in trauma and flight nursing. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Ms. Myers earned her bachelor's in nursing and went on to complete a master's degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Georgia Southern University in 2006. Ms. Myers is passionate about animal welfare and is a volunteer at her local Humane Society aiding with dog rescue and rehabilitation.

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