Countertransference in the Treatment of PTSD


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John P. Wilson,Jacob D. Lindy
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I. Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations of Countertransference in Post-Traumatic Therapies 1. Empathic Strain and Countertransference, John P. Wilson and Jacob D. Lindy 2. Empathic Strain and Therapist Defense: Type I and II CTRs, John P. Wilson, Jacob D. Lindy, and Beverley Raphael 3. Empathic Strain and Countertransference Roles: Case Illustrations, Jacob D. Lindy and John P. Wilson II. Countertransference in the Treatment of Victims of Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse 4. The Dance of Empathy: A Hermeneutic Formulation of Countertransference, Empathy, and Understanding in the Treatment of Individuals Who Have Experienced Early Childhood Trauma, I. Lisa McCann and Joseph Colletti 5. Countertransference in the Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder, Richard P. Kluft 6. Inner City Children of Trauma: Urban Violence Traumatic Stress Response Syndrome (U-VTS) and Therapists' Responses, Erwin Randolph Parson 7. Countertransference in the Treatment of Acutely Traumatized Children, Kathleen Nader 8. Rape and the Phenomena of Countertransference, Carol R. Hartman and Helene Jackson III. Countertransference Reactions in Work with Victims of War Trauma, Civil Violence, and Political Oppression 9. Countertransference in the Treatment of Southeast Asian Refugees, J. David Kinzie 10. Determinant Factors for Countertransference Reactions under State Terrorism, Inger Agger and Soren Buus Jensen 11. Countertransference in the Treatment of War Veterans, Michael J. Maxwell and Cynthia Sturm 12. Countertransference and World War II Resistance Fighters: Issues in Diagnosis and Assessment, Wybrand Op den Velde, G. Frank Koerselman, and Petra G. H. Aarts IV. Countertransference in "At-Risk" Professionals: Rescue Workers, Mental Health Providers, and Persons at the Workplace 13. When Disaster Strikes: Managing Emotional Reactions in Rescue Workers, Beverley Raphael and John P. Wilson 14. Trauma and Countertransference in the Workplace, Christine Dunning 15. Countertransference, Trauma, and Training, Yael Danieli 16. Beyond Empathy: New Directions for the Future, Jacob D. Lindy and John P. Wilson Index

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