LGBTQ Mental Health

International Perspectives and Experiences

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Nadine Nakamura,Carmen H. Logie
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Chapter 1. Introduction, by Nadine Nakamura and Carmen H. Logie Chapter 2. In search of "my true self": Transmasculine Gender Identity Processes, Stigma, and Mental Health in Peru, by Amaya Perez-Brumer, Alfonso Silva-Santisteban, Ximena Salazar, Jesse Vilela, and Sari L. Reisner Chapter 3. Mental Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People in Colombia, by Karen Nieves-Lugo, Andrew Barnett, Miguel Rueda, Veronica Pinho and Maria Cecilia Zea Chapter 4. Living a Double Life and Experiencing Modern Sexual Prejudice: The Effect on Ecuadorean Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Workers' Well-Being, by Donatella Di Marco, Alicia Arenas, Helge Hoel, and Lourdes Munduate Chapter 5. "It's Because of our Culture": Navigating Gender Norms and Coping with Sexual Stigma Among Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women in Jamaica, by Natania L. Marcus, Carmen H. Logie, Nicolette Jones, Nicolette Bryan, and Kandasi Levermore Chapter 6. LGBT Mental Health in Russia, by Sharon G. Horne and Lindsey White Chapter 7. LGBT Mental Health in Mongolia: A Brief History, Current Issues, and Future Directions, by Julie M. Koch, Douglas Knutson, and Anaraa Nyamdorj Chapter 8. Stigma Toward and Mental Health of Hijras/Trans Women and Self-Identified Men Who Have Sex With Men in India, by Venkatesan Chakrapani, Peter A. Newman, and Murali Shunmugam Chapter 9. Being Gay and Lesbian in Malaysia, by Hemla Singaravelu and Wai Hsien Cheah Chapter 10. Whose Paradise? An Intersectional Perspective on Mental Health and Gender/Sexual Diversity in Thailand, by Timo T. Ojanen, Peter A. Newman, Rattanakorn Ratanashevorn, Jan W. de Lind van Wijngaarden, and Suchon Tepjan Chapter 11. Mental Health Needs of Transgender Women and Gay Men and Other Men Who have Sex with Men Across Sub-Saharan Africa, by Carolyn Brown, Keletso Makofane, Kevin Rebe, L. Leigh Ann van der Merwe, Bhekie Sithole, Daouda Diouf, Kevin Kapila, Carrie Lyons, Tonia Poteat, Shauna Stahlman, and Stefan Baral Chapter 12. Conclusion, by Nadine Nakamura and Carmen H. Logie Author Biographies About the Editors

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