Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (HB)

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American Psychological Association
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List of Tables and Figures Editorial Staff and Contributors Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Scholarly Writing and Publishing Principles Types of Articles and Papers ETHICAL, LEGAL, AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS IN PUBLISHING Ensuring the Accuracy of Scientific Findings Protecting the Rights and Welfare of Research Participants and Subjects Protecting Intellectual Property Rights 2. Paper Elements and Format Required Elements Paper Elements Format Organization SAMPLE PAPERS 3. Journal Article Reporting Standards Overview of Reporting Standards Common Reporting Standards Across Research Designs Reporting Standards for Quantitative Research Reporting Standards for Qualitative Research Reporting Standards for Mixed Methods Research 4. Writing Style and Grammar EFFECTIVE SCHOLARLY WRITING Continuity and Flow Conciseness and Clarity GRAMMAR AND USAGE Verbs Pronouns Sentence Construction Strategies to Improve Your Writing 5. Bias-Free Language Guidelines General Guidelines for Reducing Bias Reducing Bias by Topic 6. Mechanics of Style Punctuation Spelling Capitalization Italics Abbreviations Numbers Statistical and Mathematical Copy Presentation of Equations Lists 7. Tables and Figures General Guidelines for Tables and Figures Tables SAMPLE TABLES Figures SAMPLE FIGURES 8. Works Credited in the Text General Guidelines for Citation Works Requiring Special Approaches to Citation In-Text Citations Paraphrases and Quotations 9. Reference List Reference Categories Principles of Reference List Entries REFERENCE ELEMENTS Author Date Title Source Reference Variations Reference List Format and Order 10. Reference Examples Author Variations Date Variations Title Variations Source Variations Textual Works Data Sets, Software, and Tests Audiovisual Media Online Media 11. Legal References General Guidelines for Legal References Legal Reference Examples 12. Publication Process Preparing for Publication Understanding the Editorial Publication Process Manuscript Preparation Copyright and Permission Guidelines During and After Publication Credits for Adapted Tables, Figures, and Papers References Index

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