Applying Multiculturalism

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Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers,Gargi Roysircar,Scott J. Hunter
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Foreword: The Last Page and Dreams of the Future and the Weight of the Past Joseph E. Trimble Acknowledgments Introduction: The Case for Multicultural Practice Part I. Foundations of the Multicultural Guidelines 1. The Layered Ecological Model of the Multicultural Guidelines Part II. Level 1: A Bidirectional Model of Self-Definition and Relationships 2. Recognizing the Fluidity and Complexity of Self-Identify and Social Dynamics: Multicultural Guideline 1 3. Understanding and Avoiding Psychologists' Biases: Multicultural Guideline 2 Part III. Understanding Community, School, and Family Context 4. The Cultural Significance of Language and Communication: Multicultural Guideline 3 5. The Impact of Social Capital: Multicultural Guideline 4 Part IV. Considering the Institutional Impact on Engagement 6. Recognizing Institutional Barriers and Systemic Marginalization: Multicultural Guideline 5 7. Promoting Culture-Centered Interventions and Advocacy: Multicultural Guideline 6 Part V. Psychological Practice within a Domestic and International Climate 8. Understanding Globalization's Impact on Psychology: Multicultural Guideline 7 9. Understanding the Intersection Between Development and Biosociocultural Context: Multicultural Guideline 8 Part VI. Outcomes 10. Conducting Culturally Informed Work in Psychology: Multicultural Guideline 9 11. Applying a Strength-Based Approach to Psychology: Multicultural Guideline 10 Part VII. Future Directions in Multicultural Psychology 12. Where Do We Go From Here? Looking Towards 2027 in Multicultural Psychology Afterword Lynn Pasquerella References Index About the Authors

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