Treatment of Psychosocial Risk Factors in Depression

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David J. A. Dozois,Keith S. Dobson
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David J. A. Dozois, PhD, is a professor of psychology and psychiatry, and director of the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program at the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Dozois is a fellow of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT), the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). Dr. Dozois' research focuses on cognitive vulnerability to depression and cognitive-behavioral theory/therapy. He has published 196 scientific articles, book chapters and books, and 89 non-peer reviewed papers, and has presented over 360 research presentations at national and international conferences. Twitter: @Dozois_Mood_Lab http: // Keith S. Dobson, PhD, is a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Calgary, where has served in roles such as the director of the Clinical Psychology Program, and head of the Department of Psychology. His research has focused on both models and the treatment of depression, particularly using cognitive-behavioral therapies. Further, he has written about developments in professional psychology and ethics, and has been actively involved in organized psychology in Canada, including a term as president of the Canadian Psychological Association. Dr. Dobson's research has resulted in over 320 published articles and 80 chapters, 17 books, and conference and workshop presentations in many countries.
Dedication List of Contributors Introduction: Treatment of Psychosocial Risk Factors in Depression David J.A. Dozois & Keith S. Dobson Chapter 1: Models of Psychosocial Risk in Depression David J. A. Dozois & Keith S. Dobson Chapter 2: Parental Psychopathology and Parenting Abigail E. Pine & Judy Garber Chapter 3: Low Social Support and Relational Regulation Brian Lakey Chapter 4: Interpersonal Risk Factors Jami F. Young, Molly Davis & Laura Mufson Chapter 5: Childhood Adversity, Stressful Life Events, and Trauma Kate L. Harkness Chapter 6: Dependency and Excessive Reassurance Seeking Lisa R. Starr, Angela C. Santee & Meghan Huang Chapter 7: Marriage and Relationship Issues Mark A. Whisman & Anna L. Gilmour Chapter 8: Emotion Dysregulation Natasha H. Bailen & Renee J. Thompson Chapter 9: Negative Thinking: Cognitive Products and Schema Structures David J. A. Dozois & Aaron T. Beck Chapter 10: Negative Information Processing Wisteria Deng & Jutta Joormann Chapter 11: Optimism and Pessimism Max Genecov & Martin Seligman Chapter 12: Perfectionism Paul L. Hewitt, Martin M. Smith, Sabrina Ge, Marcia MOEssler, Gordon L. Flett & Samuel F. Mikail Chapter 13: Rumination Ed Watkins Chapter 14: Ineffective Social Problem Solving Arthur M. Nezu, Christine Maguth Nezu, Jenna L. Damico & Holly R. Gerber Chapter 15: Cognitive and Behavioral Avoidance Christopher R. Martell & Ajeng J. Puspitasari Chapter 16: Metacognition and Mental Regulation Adrian Wells & Henrik Nordahl Chapter 17: Investigating and Treating Psychosocial Risk Factors in Depression: An Integrative Summary David J. A. Dozois & Keith S. Dobson About the Editors

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