Treating PTSD in First Responders

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By: Richard A. Bryant
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Richard Bryant, PhD, is director of the Traumatic Stress Clinic and Scientia Professor of Psychology at the University of New South Wales in Australia. His research focuses on identifying people at risk of mental health problems after trauma, early intervention strategies, treatment strategies for posttraumatic stress, and complicated grief. Dr. Bryant has participated in many major national and international projects, including developing web treatments for U.S. troops returning from Iraq and serving on DSM-5 and ICD-11 work groups that wrote traumatic stress diagnostic guidelines. He has published hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, receiving wide recognition for his work.
Acknowledgements Foreword Chapter 1. An Introduction to PTSD Chapter 2. What Do We Know About PTSD in First Responders? Chapter 3. Models of PTSD Chapter 4. Moral Injury in First Responders Chapter 5. Assessing PTSD in First Responders Chapter 6. Review of Treatments for PTSD Chapter 7. Psychological Debriefing Chapter 8. Strategies for Treating PTSD in First Responders Chapter 9. Challenges in Treating First Responders Chapter 10. Organizational Stressors Chapter 11. Forensic Issues References

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