Spiritual Diversity in Psychotherapy

Engaging the Sacred in Clinical Practice

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Steven J. Sandage,Brad D Strawn
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Acknowledgments Contents List of Contributors Introduction: Spiritual Diversity in Psychotherapy Part 1: Spiritually Integrated Approaches to Psychology Chapter 1. Hindu Spirituality and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Pratyusha Tummala-Narra Chapter 2. Harvesting Religious Fruits in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy: Personal Reflections of a Jewish Psychologist of Religion Kenneth I. Pargament Chapter 3. The Healing Truth of Emptiness: Tibetan Buddhism in the Clinical Space Pilar Jennings Chapter 4. Navigating Deep Waters: Spirituality and Religion in the Womanist Psychodynamic Space Phillis Isabella Sheppard Chapter 5. A Sufi Muslim Model of Spiritually Integrative Psychotherapy Shamaila Khan Chapter 6. Christian Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy: A Wesleyan Model Brad D. Strawn Chapter 7. Raising the Sparks: Psychotherapeutic Process as Tikkun OlamKaren E. Starr Chapter 8. The Name of God is Mercy: Reflections on Suffering, Healing, and Growth from a Roman Catholic, contemplative, mystic, psychoanalyst Theresa Clement Tisdale Part 2: Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy with Specific Diversity Dynamics Chapter 9. Approaching Intersections of Spirituality, Religion, and Non-Traditional Gender Identities in Psychotherapy Ruben A. Hopwood Chapter 10. Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy with LGBQ Individuals Sarah H. Moon Chapter 11. Religious Differences in Spiritually Integrated Couple Therapy Steven J. Sandage Chapter 12. An Intercultural Approach to Spiritually Oriented Therapy of Military Moral Injury Katy Barrs & Carrie Doehring Chapter 13. Spirituality, Selfhood, and Social Class in Psychotherapy Neil Altman Chapter 14. Conclusion: Summary and Future Directions About the Editors

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