Assessment in Cognitive Therapy


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Gary P. Brown,David A. Clark
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Introduction 1. Cognitive Clinical Assessment: Contributions and Impediments to Progress, David A. Clark & Gary P. Brown I. Cognitive Assessment Strategies and Practices 2. "Better the Devil You Know"? A Conceptual Critique of Endorsement Methods in Cognitive Research and Practice, Gary P. Brown & David A. Clark 3. Production-Based Assessment in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, David A. F. Haaga & Ari Solomon 4. Imagery-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment, Susie Hales, Simon E. Blackwell, Martina Di Simplicio, Lalitha Iyadurai, Kerry Young, & Emily A. Holmes 5. Assessment of Cognitive Vulnerability to Psychopathology: Issues in Theory and Practice, Lyndsay E. Evraire, David J. A. Dozois, & Elizabeth P. Hayden 6. Implementing an Evidence-Based Approach to Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment, John Hunsley & Katherine Elliott II. Cognitive Assessment and Diagnosis 7. Dimensionality in Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment, Amanda A. Uliaszek, Alison Alden, & Richard E. Zinbarg 8. The Cognitive Content-Specificity Hypothesis: Contributions to Diagnosis and Assessment, John Baranoff & Tian Po S. Oei 9. Transdiagnostic Cognitive Assessment and Case Formulation for Anxiety: A New Approach, Angela H. Smith, Chelsea G. Ratcliff & Peter J. Norton 10. Beyond DSM Diagnosis: The Pros and Cons of Cognitive Case Formulation, Peter Bieling & Brenda Key III. Challenges and Continuing Controversies 11. Toward a Validity Framework for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Self-Report Assessment, Nick Hawkes & Gary P. Brown 12. Enhancing Measurement Validation in Cognitive-Clinical Research with Structural Equation Modeling and Item Response Theory, Kristin Naragon-Gainey & Timothy A. Brown 13. Implicit Measures of Associations: A Case of Exaggerated Promises?, Anne Roefs, Jorg Huijding, Fren T. Y. Smulders, Anita T. M. Jansen, & Colin M. MacLeod 14. Advances in Construct Validity Theory: Implications for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Assessment, Leila Guller & Gregory T. Smith Conclusion 15. Fresh Pools or Stagnant Streams: Current Status of Cognitive Clinical Assessment, Gary P. Brown & David A. Clark

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