Understanding Priming Effects in Social Psychology


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Daniel C. Molden
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I. What is "Social Priming"?1. Understanding priming effects in social psychology: What is "social priming" and how does it occur?, Daniel C. Molden2. On the other side of the mirror: Priming in cognitive and social psychology, Stephane Doyen, Oliver Klein, Daniel Simons, & Axel Cleeremans3. Effects of evaluation: An example of robust "social" priming, Melissa J. Ferguson & Thomas C. Mann4. Priming is not priming is not priming, Dirk Wentura & Klaus Rothermund5. Structured vs. unstructured regulation: On procedural mindsets and the mechanisms of priming effects, Kentaro Fujita & Yaacov TropeII. When and How Social Priming Occurs6. Prime numbers: Anchoring and its implications for theories of behavior priming, Ben R. Newell & David R. Shanks7. Understanding prime-to-behavior effects: Insights from the active-self account, S. Christian Wheeler, Kenneth G. DeMarree, & Richard E. Petty8. Replicability and models of priming: What a resources computation framework can tell us about expectations of replicability, Joseph Cesario & Kai J. Jonas9. Situated inference and the what, who, and where of priming, Chris Loersch & B. Keith Payne10. Priming: Constraint satisfaction and interactive competition, Tobias Schroeder & Paul ThagardIII. Considering New Sources of Social Primes11. Grounding social embodiment, Daniel Lakens12. Priming from others' observed or simulated responses, Eliot R. Smith & Diane M. MackieIV. From the Past of Social Priming to Its Future13. Evaluating behavior priming research: Three observations and a recommendation, Ap Dijksterhuis, Ad van Knippeberg, & Rob W. Holland14. The historical origins of priming as the preparation of behavioral responses: Unconscious carry-over and contextual influences of real-world importance, John A. Bargh15. Priming . . . Shmiming: It's about knowing when and why stimulated memory representations become active, E. Tory Higgins & Baruch Eitam16. Understanding priming effects in social psychology: An overview and integration, Daniel C. Molden

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