Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning

Research and Practice


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Joseph A. Durlak,Celene E. Domitrovich,Roger P. Weissberg,Thomas P. Gullotta
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Introduction: The Uncommon Core, Timothy Shriver & Jennifer Buffett I. Foundations 1. Social and Emotional Learning: Past, Present, and Future, Roger P. Weissberg, Joseph A. Durlak, Celene E. Domitrovich, & Thomas P. Gullotta 2. Applying Theory to the Development of Approaches to SEL, Marc A. Brackett, Nicole A. Elbertson, & Susan E. Rivers 3. Integrating SEL with Related Prevention and Youth Development Approaches, Maurice J. Elias, Larry Leverett, Joan Cole Duffell, Neil Humphrey, Cesalie Stepney, & Joseph Ferrito 4. Culture and Social and Emotional Competencies, Michael L. Hecht & YoungJu Shin 5. The Neuroscience of SEL, Clancy Blair & C. Cybele Raver 6. The Potential Effects of SEL on Biomarkers and Health Outcomes: A Promissory Note, Mark T. Greenberg, Deirdre A. Katz, & Laura Cousino Klein 7. The Economic Case for SEL, Damon Jones, Mark T. Greenberg, & Max Crowley 8. Financing and Funding for SEL Initiatives, Olga Acosta Price II. Evidence-Based Programming 9. SEL Programs for Preschool Children, Karen L. Bierman & Mojdeh Motamedi 10. SEL in Elementary School Settings: Identifying Mechanisms that Matter, Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman & Chris S. Hulleman 11. A Review of Classroom-Based SEL Programs at the Middle School Level, Robert J. Jagers, Alexis Harris, & Alexandra Skoog 12. SEL Programs in High School, Ariel A. Williamson, Kathryn L. Modecki, & Nancy G. Guerra 13. SEL in Higher Education, Colleen S. Conley 14. SEL for Students with High-Incidence Disabilities, Andrew L. Wiley & Gary N. Siperstein 15. SEL and Student-Teacher Relationships, Amanda P. Williford & Catherine Sanger Wolcott 16. The Role of School-Family Partnership Programs for Promoting Student SEL, S. Andrew Garbacz, Michelle S. Swanger-Gagne, & Susan M. Sheridan 17. After-School Programming and SEL, Thomas P. Gullotta 18. SEL Programs for Juvenile Justice Settings and Populations, Patrick H. Tolan, Emily Nichols, & Nicole DuVal III. Assessment 19. Assessment of SEL in Educational Contexts, Susanne A. Denham 20. Systems for Assessing and Improving Students' Social Skills to Achieve Academic Competence, Stephen N. Elliott, Jennifer R. Frey, & Michael Davies 21. Challenges and Opportunities in the Direct Assessment of Children's Social and Emotional Comprehension, Clark McKown 22. Using Formative Assessment with SEL Skills, Robert J. Marzano 23. Assessment of Climate and Conditions for Learning, Mark Garibaldi, Sally Ruddy, Kimberly Kendziora, & David Osher 24. Assessing Organizational Readiness, Shannon B. Wanless, Christine J. Groark, & Bridget E. Hatfield 25. Indicators of Effective SEL Practice, Sam Redding & Herbert J. Walberg IV. Toward Widespread Practice and Policy 26. What Everyone Should Know About Implementation, Joseph A. Durlak 27. SEL and Preservice Teacher Education, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Jennifer L. Hanson-Peterson, & Shelley Hymel 28. Inservice Preparation for Educators, Patricia A. Jennings & Jennifer L. Frank 29. Developing Socially, Emotionally, and Cognitively Competent School Leaders and Learning Communities, Janet Patti, Peter Senge, Claudia Madrazo, and Robin S. Stern 30. SEL and Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, George G. Bear, Sara A. Whitcomb, Maurice J. Elias, & Jessica C. Blank 31. Taking SEL to Scale in Schools: The Role of Community Coalitions, Abigail A. Fagan, J. David Hawkins, & Valerie B. Shapiro 32. Systemic Support for SEL in School Districts, Amy Kathryn Mart, Roger P. Weissberg, & Kimberly Kendziora 33. Accountability and SEL Programs: The Getting To Outcomes (R) Approach, Annie Wright, Andrea Lamont, Abraham Wandersman, David Osher, & Eric S. Gordon 34. Current and Potential Uses of Technology to Enhance SEL: What's Now and What's Next?, Robin S. Stern, Tucker B. Harding, Allison A. Holzer, & Nicole A. Elbertson 35. The Case for Preschool through High School State Learning Standards for SEL, Linda A. Dusenbury, Jessy Zadrazil Newman, Roger P. Weissberg, Paul Goren, Celene E. Domitrovich, & Amy Kathryn Mart 36. Federal Policy Initiatives and Children's SEL, Martha Zaslow, Bonnie Mackintosh, Sarah Mancoll, & Sarah Mandell 37. International Perspectives on SEL, Catalina Torrente, Anjali Alimchandani, & J. Lawrence Aber Afterword: Making SEL Work for All Children, James Comer Afterword: The Future of Social and Emotional Learning, Daniel Goleman

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