Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens


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Christopher Willard,Amy Saltzman
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Foreword, Susan Kaiser Greenland Introduction: Toward a Model of Teaching and Learning Mindfulness, Christopher Willard I. Bringing Mindfulness to Youth 1. Mindfulness with Elementary-School-Age Children: Translating Foundational Practices from the Clinic to the Classroom, Lindsey Knowles, Matthew S. Goodman, & Randye J. Semple 2. Teaching Mindfulness to Captive Teens in the Classroom, Richard Burnett 3. Mindfulness with Special-Needs Populations, Wynne Kinder & Christen Coscia 4. Teaching Mindfulness across Differences: A Spectrum of Perspectives, Betsy Hanger 5. Child Development: Attunement, Attachment, and Emerging Qualities, Lesley Grant 6. "Right Now, We're Not Meditating": Working with Youth Who Challenge Us, JoAnna Harper 7. Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Treatment with Probation-Involved Youth, Sam Himelstein 8. Cultivating Rootedness and Connectedness in a Digital Age, Ozum Ucok-Sayrak & Gregory Kramer 9. Mindful Parenting: A Mindfulness Course for Parents in Mental Health Treatment, Susan Boegels II. Bringing Mindfulness to Life 10. Yoga: Reaching Heart and Mind through the Body, Jennifer Cohen Harper 11. Movement and Dance, Suzi Tortora 12. Mindfulness in Sports, Amy Saltzman 13. The Young and the Hungry, Marcella Wuchler Cox, & Char Wilkins 14. Mindfulness in Nature, Iman L. Khan 15. Mindfulness with a Beat, Betsy Rose 16. Mindfulness and Art, Vanessa C. L. Weiner 17. Mindful Games, Deborah M. Plummer 18. The Contemplation Music Writing Project: "Get into It, and Get It Out", Jeffrey Pflaum III. The Science of Mindfulness 19. Mindfulness Training for Children and Adolescents: Updates on a Growing Science with Novel Applications, David S. Black, Marvin G. Belzer, Randye J. Semple, & Brian M. Galla 20. Mindfulness, Executive Function, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Bringing It All Together, Mark Bertin 21. Neurobiological Models of Meditation Practices: Implications for Applications with Youth, Willoughby Britton & Arielle Sydnor Index

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