Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups, Second Edition


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William M. Bukowski,Laursen Brett,Kenneth H. Rubin
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I. Introduction 1. Peer Relations: Past, Present, and Promise, William M. Bukowski, Brett Laursen, & Kenneth H. Rubin II. Conceptual Origins of Peer Research 2. Socioethological/Developmental Principles and Perspectives on Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups from Early Childhood through Adolescence, Antonio J. Santos & Brian E. Vaughn 3. Pathways, Networks, and Norms. A Sociological Perspective on Peer Research, Rene Veenstra, Jan Kornelis Dijkstra, & Derek A. Kreager 4. Sociometric Perspectives, Antonius H. N. Cillessen & William M. Bukowski 5. The Peer Group: Linking Conceptualizations, Theories, and Methods, Thomas A. Kindermann & Scott D. Gest 6. Evolution and Peer Relations: Considering the Functional Roles of Aggression and Prosociality, Patricia H. Hawley & Andrew R. Bower 7. Peer Relations and Psychosocial Development: Perspectives from Genetic Approaches, Mara Brendgen, Isabelle Ouellet-Morin, & Michel Boivin 8. Peers and the Self, William M. Bukowski & Diana Raufelder III. Individual Characteristics and Peer Interactions 9. Personality and Peer Relationships, Marcel A. G. van Aken & Jens B. Asendorpf 10. Neuroscience and Peer Relations, Amanda E. Guyer & Johanna M. Jarcho 11. The Beginnings of Peer Relations, Dale F. Hay, Marlene Caplan, & Alison Nash 12. Children's Play and Peer Relations, Nina Howe & Jamie Leach 13. Prosocial Behavior with Peers: Intentions, Outcomes, and Interpersonal Adjustment, Melanie A. Dirks, Kristen A. Dunfield, & Holly E. Recchia 14. Conflict between Peers, Brett Laursen & Ryan Adams 15. The Interface of Aggression and Peer Relations in Childhood and Adolescence, Frank Vitaro, Michel Boivin, & Francois Poulin 16. Bullying and Victimization, Christina Salmivalli & Katlin Peets 17. Avoiding and Withdrawing from the Peer Group, Kenneth H. Rubin, Julie C. Bowker, Matthew G. Barstead, & Robert J. Coplan IV. Dyads and Groups 18. Parent-Child Attachment and Peer Relations, Cathyrn Booth-LaForce, & Ashley M. Groh 19. Friendship in Childhood and Adolescence: Features, Effects, and Processes, Catherine L. Bagwell & William M. Bukowski 20. Differences and Similarities: The Dynamics of Same- and Other-Sex Peer Relationships, Carol Lynn Martin, Richard A. Fabes, & Laura D. Hanish 21. The Romantic Relationships of Youth, Wyndol Furman 22. Peer Acceptance, Peer Rejection, and Popularity: Social Cognitive and Behavioral Perspectives, Kristina L. McDonald & Steven R. Asher 23. Peer Influence, Brett Laursen 24. Intergroup Exclusion, Moral Judgments, and Social Cognition, Melanie Killen, Adam Rutland, Michael T. Rizzo, & Luke McGuire V. Diversity in Peer Experience 25. The Potential of Schools to Facilitate and Constrain Peer Relationships, Jaana Juvonen 26. Inequality and Neighborhood Effects on Peer Relations, Adrienne Nishina & Amy Bellmore 27. Social Media and Peer Relationships, Marion K. Underwood, B. Bradford Brown, & Samuel E. Ehrenreich 28. Culture and Peer Relationships, Xinyin Chen, Jinsol Lee, & Lingjun Chen 29. Gender and Peer Relationships, Amanda J. Rose & Rhiannon L. Smith 30. Race and Ethnicity in Peer Relations Research, Sandra Graham & Leslie Echols VI. Outcomes, Intervention, and Policy 31. Peer Status and Psychopathology, Mitchell J. Prinstein, Diana Rancourt, Caroline B. Adelman, Erica Ahlich, Jennifer Smith, & John D. Guerry 32. Peers, Academics and Teachers, Allison M. Ryan & Huiyoung Shin 33. Peer-Based Interventions for Behaviorally Inhibited, Socially Withdrawn, and Socially Anxious Children, Robert J. Coplan, Barry H. Schneider, Laura L. Ooi, & William E. Hipson 34. Youth Activity Participation: An Ecological Peer-Based Approach for Positive Youth Development, Linda Rose-Krasnor & Heather Ramey 35. Public Policy and Peer Relationships, Jennifer E. Lansford

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