Play Therapy

A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice


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David A. Crenshaw,Anne L. Stewart
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Foreword by Stuart Brown I. Play Therapy Theories and Approaches 1. Child-Centered Play Therapy, Dee C. Ray & Garry L. Landreth 2. Object Relations and Attachment-Based Play Therapy, Sarah C. Patton & Helen E. Benedict 3. Adlerian Play Therapy, Terry Kottman & Jeffrey S. Ashby 4. Jungian Analytical Play Therapy, J. P. Lilly 5. Psychodynamic Play Therapy, John B. Mordock 6. Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy, Angela M. Cavett 7. Integrative Approach to Play Therapy, Eliana Gil, Elizabeth Konrath, Jennifer Shaw, Myriam Goldin, & Heather McTaggart Bryan 8. Attachment Security as a Framework in Play Therapy, William Whelan & Anne L. Stewart 9. Child-Parent Relationship Therapy: A 10-Session Filial Therapy Model, Sue C. Bratton, Kristie Opiola, & Eric Dafoe 10. Theraplay: Repairing Relationships, Helping Families Heal, Phyllis B. Booth & Marlo L.-R. Winstead 11. Sandtray and Storytelling in Play Therapy, Theresa Kestly 12. StoryPlay: A Narrative Play Therapy Approach, Joyce C. Mills 13. Family Play Therapy: Practical Techniques, Greg Czyszczon, Scott Riviere, Dianne Lowman, & Anne L. Stewart 14. Animal-Assisted Play Therapy, Rise VanFleet & Tracie Faa-Thompson II. Clinical Applications of Play Therapy 15. Play Therapy with "Children of Fury": Treating the Myriad Forms of Betrayal, David A. Crenshaw 16. Play Therapy with the Spectrum of Bullying Behavior, Steven Baron 17. Child-Centered Play Therapy and School-Based Problems, Angela I. Sheely-Moore & Peggy L. Ceballos 18. Trauma Narratives with Children in Foster Care: Individual and Group Play Therapy, David A. Crenshaw & Kathleen S. Tillman 19. Play Therapy with Children Experiencing Homelessness, Deborah C. Sturm & Christopher Hill 20. Play Therapy with Children of Divorce: A Prescriptive Approach, Sueann Kenney-Noziska & Liana Lowenstein 21. Play Therapy for Children Experiencing Grief and Traumatic Loss: What Matters Most, William Steele 22. Jungian Analytical Play Therapy with a Sexually Abused Child, J. P. Lilly 23. Child Maltreatment: Safety-Based Clinical Strategies for Play Therapists, Janine Shelby & Lauren E. Maltby 24. Reunifying Families after Critical Separations: An Integrated Play Therapy Approach to Building and Strengthening Family Ties, Eliana Gil 25. Play-Based Disaster and Crisis Intervention: Roles of Play Therapists in Promoting Recovery, Anne L. Stewart, Lennis G. Echterling, & Claudio Mochi 26. Play Therapy with Military-Connected Children and Families, Jessica Anne Umhoefer, Mary Anne Peabody, & Anne L. Stewart 27. Play Therapy with Children on the Autism Spectrum, Kevin B. Hull 28. Play Therapy with Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Heidi Gerard Kaduson 29. Filial Therapy for Children with Anxiety Disorders, Louise F. Guerney 30. Play Therapy with Adolescents, Brijin Johnson Gardner 31. Play Therapy Interventions for Adults, Diane Frey III. Research and Practice Guidelines in Play Therapy 32. Research in Play Therapy: Empirical Support for Practice, Dee C. Ray 33. Reflective Practice in Play Therapy and Supervision, John W. Seymour & David A. Crenshaw 34. Cultural Issues in Play Therapy, Phyllis Post & Kathleen S. Tillman 35. Ethics in Play Therapy, Jeffrey S. Ashby & Kathleen McKinney Clark 36. Exploring the Neuroscience of Healing Play at Every Age, Bonnie Badenoch & Theresa Kestly

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