Principles-Focused Evaluation


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By: Michael Quinn Patton
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I. Principles: What They Are, Why They Matter, and Their Niche in Program Development and Evaluation 1. First Principles 2. Effectiveness Principles: What? Why? When? How? Who? Where? 3. Examples of Principles-Driven Change Initiatives and Programs 4. Evaluating Principles: Historical Context and Forward-Looking Challenge 5. The Niche and Nature of Principles-Focused Evaluation: Serving Diverse Purposes II. GUIDE: Criteria for Effectiveness Principles 6. GUIDE for PRINCIPLES: The Characteristics of High-Quality Effectiveness Principles G: Guidance 7. Guidance for Developing and Distinguishing Principles: Principles versus Rules, and the Alternative Principles Test 8. Referring to Something as a Principle Doesn't Make It One: Distinguishing Effectiveness Principles 9. Still More Guidance on Developing and Distinguishing Principles: Principles Derived from and Contrasted with Assumptions, Truths, and Lessons 10. Conceptual Triangulation: Evaluating the Similarities of Parallel Principles 11. Holistic, Sequential, and Pole Star Approaches to Principles U: Useful 12. Principles Point the Way to Desired Results 13. Diverse Uses of Principles across an Organization, Nora F. Murphy & Heather Huseby 14. Evaluating the Utility of Research-Derived Principles for Enhancing Online Learning I: Inspiring 15. Inspirational Principles Are Infused with Values 16. Principles-Focused Evaluation at the Grassroots in Africa: Inspirational Examples and Reflections, John Wilson 17. Inspiring Principles: Distinguishing Overarching Principles from Operational Principles, Charmagne Campbell-Patton 18. Principles-Focused Pedagogy of Evaluation: Inspired by Freirean Pedagogy D: Developmental 19. The Developmental Nature of Effectiveness Principles: A Case Example of Adapting Principles in Practice, Yve Susskind & Peggy Holman 20. Simple Rules and Minimum Specifications: Spotlight on Complexity Concepts with Developmental Implications E: Evaluable 21. Evaluable Principles: Methods and Measures for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Principles 22. Principles-Focused Sampling 23. Rendering Judgments about the Effectiveness of Principles 24. Evaluating Principles for Evidence of Effectiveness: Three Kinds of Evidence-Based Judgments and Effective Principles in Contrast to Best Practices Summary of Parts I and II: Major Themes of Principles-Focused Evaluation III. Principles-Driven Initiatives with Principles-Focused Evaluations: Exemplars of Principles in Practice III-A.Three Levels of Principles-Based Interventions: Macro (Global), Micro (Program), and Meso (Community) 25. Principles Driving Reform: Evaluation of the Paris Declaration Principles on Aid Effectiveness 26. Discovering and Validating Effectiveness Principles to Help Youth Overcome Homelessness 27. Vibrant Communities Canada: A Principles-Driven Systems Change Initiative and Emergent Example of Principles-Focused Evaluation Potential Part III-B. Three Different Agriculture-Focused Initiatives 28. Collaborative Principles Supporting Shared Commitment: The Global Alliance for the Future of Food 29. Principles Enhancing Coherence: The McKnight Foundation Collaborative Crop Research Program 30. Principles Defining a Field of Agroecology: How Principles Inform and GUIDE Practices IV. Principles for Evaluations and Evaluators 31. Evaluating Evaluation Principles: Examining Principles That Guide Evaluations and Evaluators 32. Outcome Harvesting Evaluation: Practical Application of Essential Principles, Ricardo Wilson-Grau 33. Reflections of a Principles-Focused Evaluator: What's in a Name?, Donna Podems 34. Waking Lumina: A Personal Principles-Based Evaluation Philosophy, Nora F. Murphy V. Principles-Focused Evaluation in Practice: Tools and Checklist 35. Tools for Principles-Focused Evaluation 36. Principles-Focused Evaluation Checklist Conclusion and Final Practice Exercise Epilogue: Eleven Questions, Eleven Principles-Focused Responses

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