Clinical Assessment of Malingering and Deception, Fourth Edition


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Richard Rogers,Scott D. Bender
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I. Conceptual Framework 1. An Introduction to Response Styles, Richard Rogers 2. Detection Strategies for Malingering and Defensiveness, Richard Rogers 3. Neuropsychological Models of Feigned Cognitive Deficits, Scott D. Bender & Richard Frederick 4. Beyond Borders: Cultural and Transnational Perspectives of Feigning and Other Response Styles, Amor A. Correa II. Diagnostic Issues 5. Syndromes Associated with Deception, Michael J. Vitacco 6. Malingered Psychosis, Phillip J. Resnick & James L. Knoll IV 7. Malingered Traumatic Brain Injury, Scott D. Bender 8. Denial and Misreporting of Substance Abuse, Lynda A. R. Stein, Richard Rogers, & Sarah Henry 9. Psychopathy and Deception, Nathan D. Gillard 10. The Malingering of Posttraumatic Disorders, Phillip J. Resnick, Sara G. West, & Chelsea N. Wooley 11. Factitious Disorders in Medical and Psychiatric Practices, Gregory P. Yates, Mazheruddin M. Mulla, James C. Hamilton, & Marc D. Feldman 12. Conversion Disorder and Illness Deception, Richard Kanaan 13. Feigned Medical Presentations, Robert P. Granacher, Jr., & David T. R. Berry III. Psychometric Methods 14. Assessment of Malingering and Defensiveness on the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF, Dustin B. Wygant, Brittany D. Walls, Stacey L. Brothers, & David T. R. Berry 15. Response Style on the Personality Assessment Inventory and Other Multiscale Inventories, Marcus T. Boccaccini & Jessica R. Hart 16. Dissimulation on Projective Measures: An Updated Appraisal of a Very Old Question, Kenneth W. Sewell & Ashley C. Helle 17. Feigned Amnesia and Memory, Richard Frederick 18. Assessment of Feigned Cognitive Impairment Using Standard Neuropsychological Tests, Natasha E. Garcia, Chelsea M. Bosch, Brittany D. Walls, & David T. R. Berry IV. Specialized Methods 19. Assessing Deception: Polygraph Techniques and Integrity Testing, William G. Iacono & Christopher J. Patrick 20. Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Richard J. McNally 21. Detection of Deception in Sex Offenders, Philip H. Witt & Daniel J. Neller 22. Structured Interviews and Dissimulation, Richard Rogers 23. Brief Measures for the Detection of Feigning and Impression Management, Glenn Smith V. Specialized Applications 24. Deception in Children and Adolescents, Randall T. Salekin, Franz A. Kubak, Zina Lee, Natalie Harrison, & Abby P. Clark 25. Use of Psychological Tests in Child Custody Evaluations: Effects of Validity Scale Scores on Evaluator Confidence in Interpreting Clinical Scales, Jonathan W. Gould, Sol Rappaport, & James R. Flens 26. Malingering: Considerations in Reporting and Testifying about Assessment Results, Eric Y. Drogin & Carol S. Williams 27. Evaluating Deceptive Impression Management in the Workplace, Julia Levashina 28. Assessment of Law Enforcement Personnel: The Role of Response Styles, Rebecca L. Jackson & Kimberly S. Harrison VI. Summary 29. Current Status of the Clinical Assessment of Response Styles, Richard Rogers 30. Researching Response Styles, Richard Rogers Author Index Subject Index

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