Handbook of Wise Interventions

How Social Psychology Can Help People Change


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Gregory M. Walton,Alia J. Crum
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Introduction, Gregory M. Walton & Alia J. Crum

I. Education

1. A Growth Mindset about Intelligence, Carol S. Dweck & David S. Yeager

2. The Social-Belonging Intervention, Gregory M. Walton & Shannon T. Brady

3. Self-Affirmation Interventions, David K. Sherman, Mohini Lokhande, Tim Müller, & Geoffrey L. Cohen

4. The Utility-Value Intervention, Chris S. Hulleman & Judith M. Harackiewicz

5. Difference Education: Improving Disadvantaged Students’ Academic Outcomes by Changing Their Theory of Difference, Nicole M. Stephens, MarYam G. Hamedani, & Sarah S. M. Townsend

6. The Pathways Intervention as a Model to Design Broader Systems of Equitable Student Support, Mesmin Destin & Ivan A. Hernandez

7. The Strategic Resource Use Intervention, Patricia Chen

II. Health and Well-Being

8. Happiness Interventions, Kristin Layous

9. The Stress-Mindset Intervention, Alia J. Crum, Isaac J. Handley-Miner, & Eric N. Smith

10. Stress Reappraisal Interventions: Improving Acute Stress Responses in Motivated Performance Contexts, Jeremy P. Jamieson & Emily J. Hangen

11. Values-Alignment Interventions: An Alternative to Pragmatic Appeals for Behavior Change, Christopher J. Bryan

12. The Taste-Focused-Labeling Intervention: Emphasizing the Tasty and Enjoyable Attributes of Healthy Foods, Bradley P. Turnwald & Alia J. Crum

III. Conflict and Relationships

13. The Incremental Theory of Personality Intervention, David S. Yeager & Hae Yeon Lee

14. The Empathic-Discipline Intervention, Jason Okonofua & Michael Ruiz

15. The Group-Malleability Intervention: Addressing Intergroup Conflicts by Changing Perceptions of Outgroup Malleability, Amit Goldenberg, James J. Gross, & Eran Halperin

16. The Couples Activity for Reappraising Emotions Intervention: A 7-Minute Marital Conflict Intervention Benefits Relational and Individual Well-Being, Erica B. Slotter & Laura B. Luchies

17. The Abstract Reframing Intervention: Helping Insecure Individuals Benefit from Romantic Partners’ Positive Feedback, Denise C. Marigold

IV. Sustainability

18. The Social Norms Approach: A Wise Intervention for Solving Social and Environmental Problems, Jessica M. Nolan, P. Wesley Schultz, Robert B. Cialdini, & Noah J. Goldstein

19. Dynamic Norm Interventions: How to Enable the Spread of Positive Change, Gregg Sparkman

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Gregory M. Walton, PhD is Associate Professor of Psychology and The Michael Forman University Fellow in Undergraduate Education at Stanford University. His research focuses on how basic social-psychological processes contribute to major social problems, such as how negative stereotypes and stigma change the social environment of school settings for minority group members in ways that can undermine these students’ feelings of belonging and achievement. Dr. Walton develops novel psychological interventions to increase student motivation, improve academic achievement, and reduce achievement gaps between minority and majority groups. He is a recipient of awards including the Cialdini Prize and the Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Alia J. Crum, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and Primary Investigator of the Stanford Mind and Body Lab. Her research focuses on mindsets; how they affect important outcomes in such domains as exercise, diet, and stress; and how they can be consciously and deliberately changed through intervention, to increase physiological and psychological well-being. Dr. Crum is a recipient of awards including the New Innovator Award from the National Institutes of Health and the Rising Star Award from the Association for Psychological Science. She has worked as a clinical psychologist for the VA health care system and has developed interventions focused on mindset change for organizations including LinkedIn, UBS, Stanford Health Care, and the U.S. Navy.

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