Postpartum Depression and Child Development


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By: Peter Cooper,Lynne Murray
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Paykel, Foreword. Part I: Introduction to Postpartum Depressive Disorders. O'Hara, The Nature of Postpartum Depressive Disorders. Part II: The Architecture of the Mother infant Interactions and the Implications for Postpartum Depression. Papousek, Fragile Aspects of Early Social Integration. Tronick, Weinberg, The Psychotoxic Effects of Maternal Depression on the Mutual Emotional Regulation of Mother Infant Interaction. Part III: Comparitive Studies of the Imapact of Postpartum Depression in Child Development. Hay, Postpartum Depression and Cognitive Devlopement. Murray, Cooper, The role of the Infant and Maternal Factors in Postpartum Depression, Mother Infant Interactions, and Infant Outcome. Teti, Gelfand, Maternal Cognitions as Mediators of Child Outcomes in the Context of Postpartum Depression. Campbell, Cohn The Timing and Chronicity of Postpartum Depression. Part IV: The Treatment of Postpartum Depression and Associated Mother Infant Disturbances. Cooper, Murray, The Impact of Psychological Treatments of Postpartum Depression on Maternal Mood and Infant Development. Field, The Treatment of Depresses Mothers and Their Infants. Cramer, Psychodynamic Perspectives on the Treatment of Postpartum Depression. Part V: Postpartum Psychosis. Hipwel, Kumar, The Impact of Postpartum Affective Psychosis on the Child. Rutter, Afterword: Maternal Depression and Infant Development: Cause and Consequence; Sensitivity and Specificity.

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