Treating Difficult Couples

Helping Clients with Coexisting Mental and Relationship Disorders


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Douglas K. Snyder,Mark A. Whisman
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Part I: Empirical and Conceptual Issues in Managing Emotional, Behavioral, and Health Concerns in Couple Therapy: An Overview Chapter 1: Comorbidity of Relationship Distress and Mental and Physical Health Problems Mark A. Whisman and Lisa A. Uebelacker Chapter 2: Tailoring Couple Therapy to Individual Differences: A Conceptual Approach Douglas K. Snyder, W. Joel Schneider, and Angela M. Castellani Part II: Couple-Based Treatments for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Chapter 3: Anxiety Disorders Donald H. Baucom, Susan Stanton, and Norman B. Epstein Chapter 4: Depression Steven R. H. Beach and Maya Gupta Chapter 5: Bipolar Disorder David J. Miklowitz and Chad D. Morris Chapter 6: Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders Kim T. Mueser and Mary F. Brunette Chapter 7: Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse William Fals-Stewart, Gary R. Birchler, and Timothy J. O'Farrell Chapter 8: Sexual Dysfunction Lisa G. Regev, William O'Donohue, and Claudia Avina Chapter 9: Physical Aggression Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Amy D. Marshall, Jeffrey C. Meehan, and Uzma Rehman Part III: Adapting Couple Therapy to Individual Problems Chapter 10: Borderline Personality Disorder Alan E. Fruzzetti and Armida R. Fruzzetti Chapter 11: Paranoia Kenneth G. Terkelsen Chapter 12: Narcissistic Disorder Jill Savege Scharff and Carl Bagnini Chapter 13: Posttraumatic Stress Susan M. Johnson and Judy Makinen Chapter 14: Childhood Sexual Trauma Barry W. McCarthy and Mia Sypeck Chapter 15: Physical Illness Gail P. Osterman, Tamara G. Sher, Gwen Hales, W. Jeffrey Canar, Reema Singla, and Tracy Tilton Chapter 16: Aging and Cognitive Impairment Sara Honn Qualls Chapter 17: Bereavement and Complicated Grief Robert M. Wills Part IV: Integration Chapter 18: Understanding Psychopathology and Couple Dysfunction: Implications for Clinical Practice, Training, and Research Douglas K. Snyder and Mark A. Whisman Index

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