Research Methods in Family Therapy, Second Edition


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Douglas H. Sprenkle,Fred P. Piercy
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I. INTRODUCTION 1. Pluralism, Diversity, and Sophistication in Family Therapy Research, Douglas H. Sprenkle and Fred P. Piercy 2. A Graduate Student Guide to Conducting Research in Marriage and Family Therapy, Lenore M. McWey, Ebony Joy James, and Sara A. Smock II. QUALITATIVE METHODS 3. Let's Get Grounded: Family Therapy Research and Grounded Theory, Silvia Echevarria-Doan and Carolyn Y. Tubbs 4. The Use of Phenomenology for Family Therapy Research: The Search for Meaning, Carla M. Dahl and Pauline Boss 5. Focus Groups in Family Therapy Research, Fred P. Piercy and Katherine M. Hertlein 6. Action Research Methods in Family Therapy, Tai J. Mendenhall and William J. Doherty 7. Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software: General Issues for Family Therapy Researchers, Jennifer L. Matheson 8. Bridging Research: Using Ethnography to Inform Clinical Practice, Carolyn Y. Tubbs and Linda M. Burton 9. Feminist Autoethnography, Katherine R. Allen and Fred P. Piercy 10. Performance Methodology: Constructing Discourses and Discursive Practices in Family Therapy Research, Saliha Bava 11. Future Directions for Qualitative Methods, Ronald J. Chenail III. MIXED METHODS 12. Survey Research, Thorana S. Nelson and David D. Allred 13. The Delphi Method, Linda Stone Fish and Dean M. Busby 14. Task Analysis of Couple and Family Change Events, Brent Bradley and Susan M. Johnson 15. Program Evaluation Science and Family Therapy, Jay A. Mancini, Angela J. Huebner, Eric E. McCollum, and Lydia I. Marek IV. QUANTITATIVE METHODS 16. Clinical Trials in Marriage and Family Therapy Research, Kevin P. Lyness, Stephanie R. Walsh, and Douglas H. Sprenkle 17. Meta-Analysis in Family Therapy Research, Karen S. Wampler, Alan Reifman, and Julianne M. Serovich 18. Economic Evaluation Methodology for Family Therapy Outcome Research, David P. Mackinnon 19. Approaches to Prediction: Correlation, Regression, and Classification Techniques, Douglas K. Snyder and Laurel F. Mangrum V. ADVANCED QUANTITATIVE METHODS 20. Multilevel Growth Modeling in the Context of Family Research, Margaret K. Keiley, Nina C. Martin, Ting Liu, and Megan Dolbin-MacNab 21. Covariance Structure Analysis: From Path Analysis to Structural Equation Modeling, Margaret K. Keiley, Mary Dankoski, Megan Dolbin-MacNab, and Ting Liu

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