Cognitive Dysfunction in Bipolar Disorder

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By: Joseph F. Goldberg,Katherine Burdick,Frederick K. Goodwin
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ContributorsForewordPrefaceChapter 1. Overview and introduction: dimensions of cognition and measures of cognitive functionChapter 2. Attentional and executive functioning in bipolar disorderChapter 3. Memory deficits associated with bipolar disorderChapter 4. The endophenotype concept: examples from neuropsychological and neuroimaging studies of bipolar disorderChapter 5. Impact of mood, anxiety, and psychotic symptoms on cognition in patients with bipolar disorderChapter 6. Improving psychotherapy practice and technique for bipolar disorder: lessons from cognitive neuroscienceChapter 7. Adverse cognitive effects of psychotropic medicationsChapter 8. Pharmacological strategies to enhance neurocognitive functionChapter 9. Cognitive dysfunction in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder: Relative contribution of bipolar disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderChapter 10. Cognition and functional outcome in bipolar disorderChapter 11. Cognition across the life span: Clinical implications for older adults with bipolar disorderChapter 12. Summary and assessment recommendations for practitionersIndex

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