The Conceptual Evolution of DSM-5

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Darrel A. Regier,William E. Narrow,Emily A. Kuhl,David J. Kupfer,American Psychopathological Association
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ContributorsIntroductionPART I: Diagnostic Spectra: Assessing the Validity of Disorder GroupingsChapter 1. Diagnosis of Mental Disorders in Light of Modern GeneticsChapter 2. Integration of Dimensional Spectra for Depression and Anxiety Into Categorical Diagnoses for General Medical PracticeChapter 3. One Way Forward for Psychiatric Nomenclature: The Example of the Spectrum Project ApproachChapter 4. Meta Effects of Classifying Mental DisordersPART II: Integrating Dimensional Concepts Into a Categorical SystemChapter 5. A Proposal for Incorporating Clinically Relevant Dimensions Into DSM-5Chapter 6. Empirically Derived Personality Disorder Prototypes: Bridging Dimensions and Categories in DSM-5Chapter 7. Options and Dilemmas of Dimensional Measures for DSM-5: Which Types of Measures Fare Best in Predicting Course and Outcome?PART III: Assessing Functional Impairment for Clinical Significance and DisabilityChapter 8. Clinical Significance and Disorder Thresholds in DSM-5: The Role of Disability and DistressChapter 9. Assessing Activity Limitations and Disability Among AdultsChapter 10. Measuring Disability Across Physical, Mental, and Cognitive DisordersPART IV: Identifying Important Culture- and Gender- Related Expressions of DisordersChapter 11. Assessing Mental Disorders and Service Use Across Countries: The WHO World Mental Health Survey InitiativeChapter 12. The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Immigration, and Cultural Influences on the Nature and Distribution of Mental Disorders: An Examination of Major DepressionChapter 13. Gender and Gender-Related Issues in DSM-5PART V: Incorporating Developmental Variations of Disorder Expression Across the LifespanChapter 14. Increasing the Developmental Focus in DSM-5: Broad Issues and Specific Potential Applications in AnxietyChapter 15. Diagnostic Issues Relating to Lifespan From Adulthood Into Later LifeIndex

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