The Millon Inventories, Second Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Personalized Clinical Assessment


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Theodore Millon,Caryl Bloom
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I. Introduction 1. The Rationale for Personalized Assessment in Clinical Practice, Caryl Bloom and Theodore Millon 2. Relating Personalized Assessment to Personalized Psychotherapy, Theodore Millon, Alyssa Boice, and Katherine Sinsabaugh II. A Guide to the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI) 3. Scientific Grounding and Validation of the MCMI, Theodore Millon and Carrie M. Millon 4. Guidelines for the Contemporary Interpretation of the MCMI-III, Edward D. Rossini and James P. Choca 5. A Brief Illustrative MCMI Case Study, Caryl Bloom and Theodore Millon 6. The MCMI-III and MACI Grossman Facet Scales, Seth D. Grossman 7. Clinical Integration of the MCMI and the Rorschach Comprehensive System, Darwin Dorr 8. Studies Relating the MCMI and the MMPI, Michael H. Antoni 9. Using the Millon Inventories in Forensic Psychology, Frank J. Dyer 10. Using the MCMI in Correctional Settings, John W. Stoner 11. Using the MCMI-III in Neuropsychological Evaluations, Sally L. Kolitz Russell and Elbert W. Russell 12. MCMI Applications in Alcohol and Drug Dependence, Robert C. McMahon and Stephanie E, Diamond 13. Personological Assessment and Treatment of Older Adults, Lee Hyer, Victor Molinari, Whitney L. Mills, and Catherine Yeager 14. Using the MCMI in General Treatment Planning, Jeffrey J. Magnavita 15. Using the MCMI in Treating Couples, A.Rodney Nurse and Mark Stanton 16. The Adaptation of the MCMI-III in Two Non-English Speaking Countries: State of the Art of the Dutch Language Version, Gina M. P. Rossi, Hedwig V. Sloore, and Jan J. L. Derksen 17. Experiences in Translating and Validating the MCMI in Denmark, Erik Simonsen and Ask Elkit 18. On the Dimensional Theory, Empirical Support, and Structural Character of the MCMI-III, Stephen Strack and Theodore Millon III. A Guide to Associated Millon Clinical Inventories 19. Using the Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD), Michael H. Antoni, Carrie M. Millon, and Theodore Millon 20. Using the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI) and Its Facet Subscales, Joseph T. McCann 21. A Brief Illustrative MACI Case Study, Caryl Bloom 22. Development and Validation of the Millon Pre-Adolescent Clinical Inventory (M-PACI), John Kamp and Robert F. Tringone 23. Using the Millon College Counseling Inventory (MCCI) in Student Services, Stephen Strack 24. Using the Millon-Grossman Personality Domains Checklist (MG-PDC) To Integrate Diverse Clinical Data, Seth D. Grossman, Robert F. Tringone, and Theodore Millon IV. A Guide to Associated Millon Personality Inventories 25. Using the Personality Adjective Check List (PACL) to Gauge Normal Personality Styles, Stephen Strack 26. The Millon Index of Personality Styles Revised (MIPS Revised): Assessing the Dimensions of Normal Personality, Lawrence G. Weiss 27. A Brief MIPS Revised Case Study, Caryl Bloom V. Epilogue 28. Future of the Millon Inventories and Their Scientific Base, Theodore Millon and Caryl Bloom

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