Metacognition, Strategy Use, and Instruction


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Author: Harriet Salatas Waters,Wolfgang Schneider
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Foreword, John G. Borkowski I: Skilled Memory 1. Metacognition and Strategy Discovery in Early Childhood, Harriet Salatas Waters and Thomas W. Kunnmann 2. Teachers' "Mnemonic Style" and the Development of Skilled Memory, Peter A. Ornstein, Jennie K. Grammer, and Jennifer L. Coffman 3. Metacognition and Memory Development in Childhood and Adolescence, Wolfgang Schneider II: Math And Science 4. Self-Explanations Promote Children's Learning, Robert S. Siegler and Xiaodong Lin 5. Bird Experts: A Study of Child and Adult Knowledge Utilization, Harriet Salatas Waters and Theodore E. A. Waters 6. The Dual Components of Developing Strategy Use: Production and Inhibition, Deanna Kuhn and Maria Pease 7. Fostering Scientific Reasoning with Multimedia Instruction, Richard E. Mayer 8 The Importance of Metacognition for Conceptual Change and Strategy Use in Mathematics, Martha Carr III: Reading, Writing, and Academic Performance 9. Determining and Describing Reading Strategies: Internet and Traditional Forms of Reading, Peter Afflerbach and Byeong-Young Cho 10. Metacognition and Strategies Instruction in Writing, Karen R. Harris, Tanya Santangelo, and Steve Graham 11. Metacognition, Intelligence, and Academic Performance, Cesare Cornoldi IV: Conclusion 12. Common Themes and Future Challenges, Harriet Salatas Waters and Wolfgang Schneider

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