Clinical Casebook of Couple Therapy


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Alan S Gurman
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1. The Evolving Clinical Practice of Couple Therapy, Alan S. Gurman 2. Attunement, Disruption, and Repair: The Dance of Self and Other in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, P. Susan Hazlett 3. Explanation and Description: An Integrative, Solution-Focused Case of Couple Therapy, Thorana S. Nelson 4. The North-Going Zax and the South-Going Zax: From Impasse to Empathic Acceptance in Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy, Erika Lawrence and Rebecca L. Brock 5. Therapy with a Gay Male Couple: An Unlikely Multisystemic Integration, David E. Greenan 6. A Clinical Format for Bowen Family Systems Therapy with Highly Reactive Couples, Peter Titelman 7. A Good-Enough Therapy: An Object Relations Approach, Judith P. Siegel 8. El Tigre, El Tigre: A Story of Narrative Practice, Victoria C. Dickerson and Kathie Crocket 9. Rewiring Emotional Habits: The Pragmatic/Experiential Method, Brent J. Atkinson 10. Relational Empowerment in Couple Therapy: An Integrative Approach, Mona DeKoven Fishbane 11. Opening Steps: A Structural Approach to Working with Couples, Douglas S. Rait 12. Self-Soothing and Other-Soothing in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples, Rhonda N. Goldman and Leslie S. Greenberg 13. Searching for Mutuality: A Feminist/Multicultural Approach to Couple Therapy, Sheila M. Addison and Volker Thomas 14. Getting Over a Rough Spot: A Short-Term, Problem-Focused Approach, Sam R. Hamburg 15. Building Intimacy Bridges: From the Marriage Checkup to Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy, Melinda Ippolito Morrill and James V. Cordova 16. The Me Nobody Knows: Attachment Repair in Couple Therapy, Marion F. Solomon 17. Creating Self-to-Self Intimacy: Internal Family Systems Therapy with Couples, Richard C. Schwartz and Adrian J. Blow 18. At the Risk of Losing Our Misery: Existential Couple Therapy, Jerrold Lee Shapiro 19. Happily Ever After: A Couple Therapy from Three Perspectives, David C. Treadway

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