Handbook of Developmental Systems Theory and Methodology


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By: Peter C. M. Molenaar,Richard M. Lerner,Karl M. Newell
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I. Introduction 1. Developmental Systems Theory and Methodology: A View of the Issues, Peter C. M. Molenaar, Richard M. Lerner, and Karl M. Newell II. Relational Developmental Systems Theory 2. Relational Developmental Systems and Developmental Science: A Focus on Methodology, Willis F. Overton 3. Relational Developmental Systems Theories of Positive Youth Development: Methodological Issues and Implications, G. John Geldhof, Edmond P. Bowers, Sara K. Johnson, Rachel Hershberg, Lacey Hilliard, Jacqueline V. Lerner, and Richard M. Lerner 4. Developmental Systems Science: Extending Developmental Science with Systems Science Methodologies, Jennifer Brown Urban, Nathaniel Osgood, Janet Okamoto, Patricia Mabry, and Kristen Hassmiller Lich III. Epigenetic Development and Evolution 5. Epigenetics and Generative Dynamics: How Development Directs Evolution, Mae-Wan Ho 6. Dynamical Systems, the Epigenetic Landscape, and Punctuated Equilibria, Peter T. Saunders IV. Neural Networks and Development 7. Nonlinear Epigenetic Variance in Developmental Processes, Maartje E. J. Raijmakers, Kees Jan Kan, Annemie Ploeger, and Han L. J. van der Maas 8. Dynamical Systems Thinking: From Metaphor to Neural Theory, Gregor Schoener V. Dynamics of Development 9. Estimating the Technology of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skill Formation: The Linear Case, Flavio Cunha and James J. Heckman 10. Dynamics of Development: A Complex Systems Approach, Han L. J. van der Maas, Kees Jan Kan, Abe Hofman, and Maartje E. J. Raijmakers 11. Dynamic Development of Brain and Behavior, Kurt W. Fischer and Paul van Geert 12. Dynamics of Motor Learning and Development across the Life Span, Karl M. Newell and Yeou-Teh Liu VI. Dynamics of Social Interaction 13. Differential Equations for Evaluating Theoretical Models of Dyadic Interactions, Emilio Ferrer and Joel Steele 14. A Differential Equations Model for the Ovarian Hormone Cycle, Steven M. Boker, Michael C. Neale, and Kelly L. Klump VII. Nonlinear Dynamical Models of Development 15. A Regimen-Switching Longitudinal Model of Alcohol Lapse-Relapse, Sy-Miin Chow, Katie Witkiewitz, Raoul Grasman, R. Shane Hutton, and Stephen A. Maisto VIII. Nonergodic Developmental Systems 16. Idiographic Applications: Issues of Ergodicity and Generalizability, Wayne F. Velicer, Steven F. Babbin, and Richard Palumbo 17. New Trends in the Inductive Use of Relational Developmental Systems Theory: Ergodicity, Nonstationarity, and Heterogeneity, Peter C. M. Molenaar and John R. Nesselroade IX. Complex Systems Model in Human Development: Reevaluation and Future Directions 18. The Landscape of Inductive Developmental Systems, Phillip K. Wood

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