Practical Strategies in Geriatric Mental Health

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Author: Laura B. Dunn,Erin L. Cassidy-Eagle
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PrefaceChapter 1. Late-Life Depression I: "I can't keep up with my grandkids"Chapter 2. Late-Life Depression II: "I think of ending my life every day"Chapter 3. Working with Depressed Caregivers: Behavioral Activation: "I can't find the energy or time to leave the house"Chapter 4. Diagnosis and treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder in later life: "Getting old is not for wimps!"Chapter 5. Somatic Complaints and Anxiety in Older Adults: "I wish the doctor would figure out what's wrong with me"Chapter 6. Pain and psychological factors in older adults: "I need more pain medication, not less!"Chapter 7. Primary sleep disorders: "My wife says I snore loudly and sometimes stop breathing while I'm asleep"Chapter 8. Evaluation and Management of Insomnia: "My sleeping pill isn't working anymore"Chapter 9. Bipolar Disorder: "What's wrong with Mom -- is it dementia?"Chapter 10. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: "My stomach hurts"Chapter 11. Evaluation and treatment of substance use disorders: "I just have one drink with dinner, Doc"Chapter 12. Mild cognitive impairment: "I'm forgetting things. Is this normal for my age, or do I have dementia?"Chapter 13. Neuropsychological Testing: "I sometimes forget things"Chapter 14. Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: "Little men are invading my backyard"Chapter 15. Delirium in older adults: "Me, confused? Nah!"Chapter 16. Inpatient issues - behavioral and pharmacologic interventions: "He tried to kick a staff member"Chapter 17. Post-Intensive Care Syndrome: "He's just not himself."Chapter 18. Physical activity in late life: "I run out of breath"

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