The APA Publishing Textbook of Substance Use Disorder Treatment 6/e

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Kathleen T. Brady,Frances R. Levin,Marc Galanter,Herbert D. Kleber
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ContributorsPart I: The Basis of Substance-Related and Addictive DisordersChapter 1. Neurocircuitry of AddictionChapter 2. Genetics and Epigenetics of AddictionChapter 3. Epidemiology of AddictionChapter 4. Substance Use Disorder Diagnoses in DSM-5Part II: Assessment and TreatmentChapter 5. AssessmentChapter 6. Screening and Brief InterventionChapter 7. Treating Addiction Like a Chronic Illness: A Practical Clinical ModelPart III: Specific Drugs of Abuse: Neurobiology and PharmacotherapyChapter 8. Neurobiology of AlcoholChapter 9. Treatment of Alcohol-Related DisordersChapter 10. Neurobiology of StimulantsChapter 11. Treatment of Stimulant-Related DisordersChapter 12. Neurobiology of OpioidsChapter 13. Methadone and Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment of Opioid-Related DisordersChapter 14. Opioid Antagonist Treatment of Opioid-Related DisordersChapter 15. Neurobiology and Treatment of Hallucinogen Use DisorderChapter 16. Neurobiology of MarijuanaChapter 17. Treatment of Cannabis-Related DisordersChapter 18. Neurobiology of Nicotine and TobaccoChapter 19. Treatment of Tobacco-Related DisordersChapter 20. Neurobiology and Treatment of Sedative-, Hypnotic-, and Anxiolytic-Related DisordersChapter 21. Neurobiology and Treatment of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid--Related DisordersPart IV: Nonpharmacotherapeutic Treatment ModalitiesChapter 22. Psychodynamic PsychotherapyChapter 23. Cognitive-Behavioral TherapyChapter 24. Contingency ManagementChapter 25. Motivational EnhancementChapter 26. Alcoholics Anonymous and Twelve-Step FacilitationChapter 27. Family TherapyChapter 28. Network TherapyChapter 29. Digitally Delivered TherapiesChapter 30. Mindfulness, Exercise, and Other Alternative ApproachesPart V: Public Health IssuesChapter 31. The U.S. Opioid CrisisChapter 32. Cannabis Policy and UseChapter 33. HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis CChapter 34. Public Health and NicotineChapter 35. Prevention of Substance Use DisordersPart VI: Special PopulationsChapter 36. Substance-Related Disorders in WomenChapter 37. Substance-Related Disorders in AdolescentsChapter 38. Substance-Related Disorders in Patients With Chronic PainChapter 39. Substance Use and Related Disorders in Sexual and Gender Minority PopulationsChapter 40. Cross-Cultural Aspects of Substance-Related and Addictive DisordersChapter 41. Substance-Related Disorders in Older AdultsChapter 42. Behavioral Addictive DisordersPart VII: Psychiatric Comorbidity in Substance-Related DisordersChapter 43. Epidemiology of Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use DisordersChapter 44. Mood DisordersChapter 45. Anxiety DisordersChapter 46. Eating DisordersChapter 47. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderChapter 48. Trauma- and Stressor-Related DisordersChapter 49. Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic DisordersPart VIII: Special TopicsChapter 50. Testing for Substances of AbuseChapter 51. Forensic Addiction PsychiatryChapter 52. Medical Education on AddictionChapter 53. Addiction in the WorkplaceIndex

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