Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children 2/e


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A. Lynn Williams,Sharynne McLeod,Rebecca J. McCauley,Alan Kamhi,Rebecca J. McCauley,Caroline Bowen,Elise Baker,Kirrie J. Ballard,Barbara May Bernhardt,Francoise Brosseau-Lapre
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Series Preface Editorial Advisory Board About the Video Clips and Downloads About the Editors About the Contributors Foreword Caroline Bowen, Ph.D. Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1 Introduction, A. Lynn Williams, Sharynne McLeod, and Rebecca J. McCauley Chapter 2 Learning How to Implement Interventions with Acceptable Fidelity, Elise Baker and A. Lynn Williams Chapter 3 Minimal Pairs Intervention, Elise Baker Chapter 4 Multiple Oppositions Intervention, A. Lynn Williams and Eleanor Sugden Chapter 5 Complexity Approach, Michele Morrisette Chapter 6 Phonological Awareness Intervention, Brigid C. McNeill and Gail T. Gillon Chapter 7 Psycholinguistic Intervention, Michelle Pascoe and Joy Stackhouse Chapter 8 Digital Tools for Interventions, Yvonne Wren, Sarah Masso, and A. Lynn Williams Chapter 9 Speech Perception Intervention, Susan Rvachew and FranCoise Brosseau-LaprE Chapter 10 Core Vocabulary Intervention, Sharon Crosbie, Alison Holm, and Barbara Dodd Chapter 11 Cycles Approach, RaUl Prezas, Lesley Magnus, and Barbara Hodson Chapter 12 Stimulability Approach, Adele W. Miccio and A. Lynn Williams Chapter 13 Enhanced Milieu Teaching with Phonological Emphasis, Nancy J. Scherer, Ann Kaiser, and Jennifer Frey Chapter 14 Naturalistic Recast Intervention, Stephen Camarata Chapter 15 Morphosyntax and Speech Sound Interventions, Ann A. Tyler, Allison M. Haskill, and Jennifer Thompson Mackovjak Chapter 16 Nonlinear Phonological Intervention, Barbara May Bernhardt Chapter 17 Articulation Interventions, Jonathan L. Preston and Megan C. Leece Chapter 18 The Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme, Pam Williams Chapter 19 The PROMPT Approach, Deborah A. Hayden, Aravind K. Namasivayam, Roslyn Ward, Amy Clark, and Jennifer Eigen Chapter 20 Speech Motor Programming Intervention, Kirrie J. Ballard and Donald A. Robin Chapter 21 Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing, Edythe A. Strand Chapter 22 Biofeedback Interventions, Joanne Cleland and Jonathan L. Preston Chapter 23 Intervention Strategies for Developmental Dysarthria, Lindsay Pennington and Megan M. Hodge Chapter 24 Choosing the Best Intervention: The Nexus among Interventions, Clients, and Clinicians, A. Lynn Williams, Rebecca J. McCauley, and Sharynne McLeod Glossary Index

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