Effective Self-Care and Resilience in Clinical Practice: Dealing with St


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Author: Sarah Parry,Hannah Wilson,Ciara Joyce,Liz Tallentire,Caroline Wyatt,Olivia Wadham,Amy D'Sa,Ndumanene Silungwe,Kirsten Atherton,Mary Prendergast
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Foreword. Paul Gilbert, PhD, GBPsS, OBE. Sharing Stories as a Means of Exploring Experiences. Taking Shared Humanity from Under the Shadows of the Professional Cloak, Sarah Parry, Editor, Manchester Metropolitan University. PART ONE: Bringing Compassion into Life and Practice 1. Modelling Imperfection and Developing the Imperfect Self: Reflections on the Process of Applying Self-Compassion. Dr Hannah Wilson, Clinical Psychologist and Ciara Joyce, Trainee Clinical Psychologist. 2. Compassion and the Self-Critic - a life changing, shared journey of resilience and connection. Dr. Liz Tallentire, Clinical Psychologist. 3. Compassion Across Cultures. Caroline Wyatt, Olivia Wadham, Amy D'Sa, Trustees of The Umoza Trust and N'dumanene Devlin Silungwe, Psychologist, Malawi. PART TWO: Living with Compassion and Inviting Others. 4. Working with Compassion in CAMHS. Kirsten Atherton, Clinical Psychologist, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Team. 5. Advancing the Philosophy and Science of Caring through Compassion. Mary Prendergast, Director of Nursing, St Patrick's Hospital, Ireland. 6. Compassionate Practice Transforming Lives. Edith Macintosh, Rehabilitation Consultant, Scotland. PART THREE: Compassionately Nurturing the Personal and Professional Self. 7. My Self-compassion Journey: From Striving to Sharing Satisfaction, Dr Sarah Lawson, Clinical and Coaching Psychologist. 8. Between Being and Becoming: Challenges and Resources in Training Therapists, Simone Bol, Speech and Language Therapist, Senior Lecturer and Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Manchester Metropolitan University. 9. Compassion in Clinical Psychology Training. Dr Jenny Shuttleworth Davies, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Tutor. PART FOUR: Making Space for Hope, Nurturing Resilience and Holding on to Compassion. Sarah Parry, Editor. Further Reading and Resources.

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