Comprehensive Guide to Music Therapy: Theory, Clinical Practice, Researc

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Stine Lindahl Jacobsen,Inge Nygaard Pedersen,Lars Ole Bonde,Helen Odell-Miller
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1 INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC THERAPY1.1 Music Therapy - A Historical PerspectiveLars Ole Bonde1.2 Definitions of Music Therapy Lars Ole Bonde1.2.1 Music Therapy and Music Education1.3 A Therapeutic Understanding of MusicLars Ole Bonde2 THEORETICAL FOUNDATION OF MUSIC THERAPY2.1 Music in Body and BrainErik Christensen2.2 Therapy TheoriesLars Ole Bonde2.2.1 Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches2.2.2 Psychotherapeutic and Psychoanalytic Approaches2.2.3 The Influence of Therapy Theories on Music Therapy - An Overview[AQ]2.3.1 Analytical and Psychodynamic TheoriesInge Nygaard Pedersen2.3.2 Mentalisation-Based TreatmentNiels Hannibal2.3.3 Daniel Stern's Theories on the Interpersonal World of the Infant, Change in Psychotherapy and the Dynamics of VitalityNiels Hannibal2.3.4 Communicative Musicality - A Basis for Music Therapy PracticeUlla Holck2.3.5 Play and Music TherapyKarette Stens+ªth2.4 Transpersonal and Integral Psychology2.4.1 Intersubjectivity and 'Surrender'Katarina Märtenson Blom2.4.2 Wilber's Integral PsychologyLars Ole Bonde2.5 Music as Analogy and MetaphorLars Ole Bonde2.5.1 Music as Analogy2.5.2 Music as Metaphor2.5.3 The Psychological Functions of Music - A Taxonomy and Metaphorical Listening to Four Selections of Baroque Music3 SELECTED MUSIC THERAPY MODELS AND INTERVENTIONS3.1 Perspectives on Internationally Well-Known Music Therapy Models - An IntroductionLars Ole Bonde and Gro Trondalen3.2 The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)Lars Ole Bonde3.3 Analytically Oriented Music Therapy (AOM)Inge Nygaard Pedersen3.4 Nordoff-Robbins Music TherapyLars Ole Bonde and Gro Trondalen3.5 Benenzon Music TherapyLars Ole Bonde and Gro Trondalen3.6 Cognitive-Behavioural Music TherapyLars Ole Bonde, Gro Trondalen and Tony Wigram3.7 Community Music TherapyGro Trondalen and Lars Ole Bonde3.8 Free Improvisation Therapy - The Alvin ModelTony Wigram 3.9 Methods in Music TherapyStine Lindahl Jacobsen and Lars Ole Bonde3.9.1 Improvisation-Based Methods3.9.2 Songwriting3.9.3 Therapeutic Voice Work3.9.4 Receptive Methods3.10 Physiological Reactions to MusicTony Wigram and Lars Ole Bonde3.11 Music Medicine and Music TherapyLars Ole Bonde3.12 Music and HealingLars Ole Bonde3.13 Health Musicking - Music and Health: A Final DiscussionLars Ole Bonde4 MUSIC THERAPY IN CLINICAL PRACTICE4.1 Referral Criteria and Clinical Practice in Music Therapy - An IntroductionTony Wigram, Anne Mette Rasmussen and Stine Lindahl Jacobsen4.2 Music Therapy for Psychiatric Clients4.2.1 Music Therapy for Adults in Hospital PsychiatryInge Nygaard Pedersen, Niels Hannibal and Lars Ole Bonde4.2.2 Music Therapy in Social PsychiatryNiels Hannibal, Inge Nygaard Pedersen and Trine Hestb+ªk4.3 Music Therapy for People with Developmental Disabilities4.3.1 Music Therapy for Children with Developmental DisabilitiesUlla Holck4.3.2 Music Therapy for Adolescents and Adults with Developmental DisabilitiesUlla Holck4.4 Music Therapy for People with Acquired Neurological Conditions4.4.1 Healthy and Active Ageing: Music as PreventionHanne Mette Ridder4.4.2 Music Therapy for Adults with Acquired Brain InjuryS++ren Vester Hald and Hanne Mette Ridder4.4.3 Music Therapy for People with DementiaHanne Mette Ridder4.5 Music Therapy for People with Somatic Diseases4.5.1 Music Therapy in PaediatricsIlan Sanfi and Lars Ole Bonde

4.5.2 Music Therapy for Adults with Somatic DiseasesKarin Schou and Lars Ole Bonde4.5.3 Music Therapy in Palliative CareLars Ole Bonde4.6 Music Therapy for People with Psychosocial Problems4.6.1 Music Therapy for RefugeesBolette Daniels Beck4.6.2 Music Therapy in Family TherapyStine Lindahl Jacobsen4.6.3 Music Therapy for People with StressBolette Daniels Beck4.6.4 Music Therapy with Children and Adolescents at RiskStine Lindahl Jacobsen4.7 Music Therapy and Personal GrowthInge Nygaard Pedersen and Lars Ole Bonde5 MUSIC THERAPY RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE5.1 Music Therapy Research: An OverviewHanne Mette Ridder and Lars Ole Bonde5.2 Assessment and Clinical Evaluation in Music TherapyStine Lindahl Jacobsen, Tony Wigram and Anne Mette Rasmussen5.2.1 Case: Joel5.3 The Aalborg University PhD ProgrammeHanne Mette Ridder and Lars Ole Bonde5.4 Evidence-Based Practice in Music TherapyHanne Mette Ridder and Lars Ole Bonde6 MUSIC THERAPY TRAINING - A EUROPEAN BA and MA MODEL6.1 An IntroductionLars Ole Bonde, Stine Lindahl Jacobsen, Inge Nygaard Pedersen and Tony Wigram6.2 Musical Training6.3 Experiential and Resonant Learning Processes, Music Therapy Self-Experience6.4 Clinical Training, Internships and SupervisionREFERENCES

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