Evidence-Based Practice in Dementia for Nurses and Nursing Students


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By: Karen Harrison Harrison Dening,Alistair Burns,Malarvizhi Babu Sandilyan,Tom Dening,Hilda Hayo,Chris Knifton,Caroline Baker,Jan Leeks,Esme Moniz-Cook,Aileen Beatty
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1. What is Dementia? - Tom Dening and MB Sandilyn; 2. Diagnosis of dementia - Tom Dening and MB Sandilyn; 3. Medical treatment and management of patients with dementia - Tom Dening and MB Sandilyn; 4. Diagnosis and support for younger people with dementia - Hilda Hayo; 5. Best practice in caring for adults with dementia and learning disabilities - Chris Knifton; 6. Person-centred dementia care - Caroline Baker; 7. Person-centred communication - Jan Leeks; 8. Psychosocial approaches to behaviours that challenge - Esme Moniz-Cook; 9. Ethical issues in caring for a person with dementia - Julian Hughes and Aileen Beatty; 10. Using risk management to promote person-centred dementia care - Charlotte Clarke and Sarah Rynas; 11. Safeguarding - Jill Manthorpe and Stephen Martineau; 12. Sexuality in dementia - Jane Youell; 13. Supporting decision making in dementia - Jill Manthorpe; 14. Advance care planning in dementia - Karen Harrison-Dening; 15. Spirituality and dementia care - Helen Scott; 16. Supporting family and carers of people with dementia - Zena Aldridge; 17. Multi morbidity and frailty in dementia - Frances Bunn and Claire Goodman; 18. Delirium and dementia - Angela Moore; 19. Pain in dementia - Liz Sampson; 20. Pallaitive and end of life care in dementia - Karen Harrison Dening; 21. Care of people with dementia in the community - Jo Moriarty; 22. Care of people with dementia in a primary care setting - Steve Iliffe; 23. Caring for people with dementia in the acute hospital setting - Katie Featherstone and Andrew Northcott; 24. Care of people with dementia in the care home setting - Caroline Baker; 25. Caring for people with dementia in a hospice setting - Sharron Tolman

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