Violent States and Creative States (Volume 1): Structural Violence and C

reative Structures


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John Adlam,Tilman Kluttig,Bandy Lee
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Acknowledgements. Prologue, Estela Welldon. Introduction, John Adlam, Tilman Kluttig and Bandy X. Lee. Part I: Introductorily and Theoretically. 1. From Human Violence to Creativity: The Structural Nature of Violence and the Spiritual Nature of Its Remedy, John L. Young, Bandy X. Lee and Grace Lee. 2. Injury and Insult: Reciprocal Violence and Reflexive Violence, John Adlam and Christopher Scanlon. 3. The Story of Mr A: The Interplay between Individual Trauma and Global Politics, Tilman Kluttig. Part II: Violent States and State Violence. 4. Baltimore Past and Present: The Violent State of Racial Segregation, Annie Stopford with Gardnel Carter. 5. Psychosocial Implications of Political Trauma and Social Recognition I: A Lacanian Approach to State Violence in South America, Gina Donoso. 6. Psychosocial Implications of Political Trauma and Social Recognition II: Experiences from the Truth Commission of Ecuador, Gina Donoso. 7. State Violence and State Creativity: Caring for Women and Girls Who Were Raped during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, Bandy X. Lee, Glorieuse Uwizeye and Thilo Kroll. 8. Perpetrators of Socially Accepted Violence: States of Mind beyond Pathology and Deviancy, Efrat Even-Tzur. Part III: Terror in the Public Sphere. 9. Terror, Violence and the Public Sphere, David W. Jones. 10. '1 in 5 Brit Muslims' Sympathy for Jihadis': What It Means to Be a Muslim Living in Britain Today, Ismail Karolia and Julian Manley. 11. Flight 9525: Andreas Lubitz and the Psychology of the Lone Terrorist, Klaus Hoffmann. 12. Terror in the Mind of the Terrorist, Barry Richards.Part IV: Creative Structures: From the Local to the Global. 13. The City Project, Aileen Schloerb. 14. Social Dreaming and Creativity in South Africa: Imag(in)ing the 'Unthought Known', Hayley Berman and Julian Manley. 15. The International Criminal Court and Global Justice, Matt Killingsworth. 16. Finding Stories in a Form that can Be Acted: Creative States in Response to Climate Change Denial and Biosphere Destruction, Lucy Neal.

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