ACT Workbook for Teens with OCD

Unhook yourself and Live Life to the Full


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Patricia Zurita Ona Psy.D,Louise Gardner,Stuart Ralph
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LETTER TO TEENS; LETTER FOR PARENTS; LETTER FOR THERAPISTS; HOW TO USE THIS WORKBOOK; SECTION 1: THE BEGINNING; 1.1: The Basics About OCD; 1.2: The Basics Of Treatment And This Workbook; 1.3: Why Do I Have To Deal With OCD?; 1.4: Why Do I Have To Deal With Fear?; SECTION 2: THE CHOICE POINT MEETS OCD; 2.1: Getting To Know Your OCD; 2.2: Getting Familiar With The Choice Point!; Takeaways!; SECTION 3: MEETING THE ""ANNOYING OBSESSIONS""; 3.1: Unwanted Annoying Thoughts; 3.2: Unsolicited Bizarre Images; 3.3: Uninvited Urges; Takeaways!; SECTION 4: ARE YOU HOOKED?; 4.1: Buying Tickets To Compulsion City!; 4.2: Running As Fast You Can To Avoidance City!; 4.3: Asking For Accommodations; 4.4: Checking The Costs Of Getting Hooked; Takeaways!; SECTION 5: CHOOSING TO LIVE YOUR LIFE! ; 5.1: Choosing The Stuff You Care About!; 5.2: Doing The Stuff You Care About!; 5.3: Checking Your Fightonometer When Doing Stuff You Care About; Takeaways!; SECTION 6: GETTING UNHOOKED!; 6.1: Picturing And Naming Your Obsessions!; 6.2: Watching Your Obsessions In Front Of You; 6.3: Putting Your Obsessions-In-Action!; 6.4: Saying Your Obsessions; 6.5: Singing Your Obsessions; 6.6: Writing Down Your Obsessions; 6.7: Teasing Your Obsessions; 6.8: Scrambling Up Your Obsessions; 6.9: Refocusing Your Attention; 6.10: Hanging In There With Those Awful Feelings!; 6.11: Agreeing To Get Out Of Your Safety Country; 6.12: Messing Around With Compulsions; Takeaways!; SECTION 7: SPECIALIZED UNHOOKING SKILLS: EXPOSURE; 7.1: A Word About ""Values-Guided Exposures""; 7.2: Creating Your Values-Guided Exposures Dashboard; 7.3: Using A Situation For Values-Guided Exposures; 7.4: Using Your Imagination For Values-Guided Exposures; 7.5: Using Your Body For Exposures; 7.6: Mixing Your Values-Guided Exposures Up!; Takeaways!; SECTION 8: MOVING FORWARD WITH YOUR LIFE; 8.1: Discovering ""Values-Guided Exposures On-The-Go""; 8.2: Moving Forward With Your Life; 8.3: Finding An Ally!; 8.4: Treating Yourself With Kindness!; 8.5: Getting Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Life; 8.6: Finding Your Choice Point In Life; THE END!; APPENDICES; Appendix 1: Choice Point Graphic; Appendix 2: Unhooking Log; Appendix 3: Values-Guided Exposure Reflecting Form; Appendix 4: Values-Guided Exposure Using Your Imagination Form; Appendix 5: Values-Guided Exposure On-The-Go Tracker!; Appendix 6: Answer Guide To Activities; FURTHER RESOURCES FROM DR. Z.; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

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