Art Psychotherapy and Innovation

New Territories, Techniques and Technologies


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Ali Coles,Helen Jury,Girija Kaimal,Alex Burr,Ella Bryant,Neil Winter,Natalia Higginson,Helen Hawthorne,Tsun-wei Lily Hsu,Wei-wen Chan
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Foreword - Girija Kaimal Acknowledgements Introduction - Helen Jury and Ali Coles List of figures Section 1 - Tethering: context for innovation in art psychotherapy Chapter 1 - The sense of things to come: Touch and the senses in a time of pandemic - implications for innovative art psychotherapy practice - Helen Jury Chapter 2 - Curiosity, creativity and innovation in art psychotherapy - Ali Coles and Neil Winter Section 2 - Territories: client groups and locations Chapter 3 - The Portable Wellbeing Studio - Alex Burr and Ella Bryant Chapter 4 - The innovative use of art psychotherapy with NHS clinicians -Megan Tjasink and Poppy Stevens Chapter 5 - 'Relational Space-making': A hybrid approach for an outreach art therapy service for children with learning difficulties in a marginal area of Taiwan - Tsun-wei Lily Hsu, Wei-wen Chan, Chia-yu Liu and Chih-hui Wu Chapter 6 - Photographing Feelings: Working alongside young people to enable emotional expression through photography - Trupti Magecha and Nick Barnes Section 3 - Techniques: approaches to practice Chapter 7 - From terror to terra firma: art psychotherapy and stabilisation with complex trauma - Natalia Higginson and Helen Hawthorne Chapter 8 - Reinforcing a home in the mind: An art therapy and mindfulness-oriented approach to working with refugees, trauma and resilience - Debra Kalmanowitz Chapter 9 - Conservation object relations theory: Caretaking of the heritage collection and the internal object - Daisy Rubinstein Chapter 10 - A model for client-led spirituality: An art psychotherapy exploration in the United Arab Emirates - Sara Powell and Natalia Gomez Carlier Section 4 - Technologies: contemporary tools and partnerships Chapter 11 - Therapeutic and learning qualities of Virtual Reality - Abby Dougherty and Natalie Carlton Chapter 12 - An art-based program to support the mental health of migrant workers during COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore - Daphna Arbell Kehila, Hwee Hwee Loo and Mira Yoon Chapter 13 - Innovative design methodologies of social robots: A collaboration between an art therapist, design researcher, and roboticist - Erin Partridge, Anastasia K. Ostrowski, Hae Won Park and Cynthia Breazeal
Ali Coles is an Art Psychotherapist for Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS (National Health Service) Foundation Trust, UK, working with adults with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. She is also a Visiting Lecturer on the MA Art Psychotherapy course at the University of South Wales and an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Art Therapy. Ali co-edited 'Art Therapy in Museums and Galleries - Reframing Practice' with Helen Jury, also published by Jessica Kingsley. Helen Jury is an Art Psychotherapist and Supervisor in Independent Practice, UK, working with adults and children, groups and individuals, clinical training patients and referrals from agencies and organisations, and at University College London (UCL) gathering data for PhD doctoral research. Helen is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Art Therapy. Helen co-edited 'Art Therapy in Museums and Galleries - Reframing Practice' with Ali Coles, also published by Jessica Kingsley.

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