Birthing the Tao

Supporting the Incarnating Soul's Development through Pregnancy or Rebirthing


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Randine Lewis
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Contents Foreword by Lorie Dechar Introduction Part I - Preparing the Palace: Basics of Gynecological Obstetrics Chapter 1 - The Origin: The Miracle of Manifestation Conception Jing Fertilization The Origin The Soul - 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 Curriculum Pregnancy and Renewal Chapter 2 - Dynamics of the Creation Process Forward and Reverse Cycles Ovarian Cycle Tian Gui Zi Gong The Internal Kingdom - Nei Jing Tu The Moon rises and sets within Outer lunar cycles Lunar and menstrual phases How emotions impact the menstrual cycle Hypothalamus Menstrual Cycle phases - Menses, Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal Chapter 3 - Preconception Preparation Desire Meditation Tonifying your ancestors 3 Dan Tien Patient Worksheets - Nutrition, Lifestyle, Self Inquiry, Soul Alignment, Exploring Ambivalence, Exercise to keep hope alive What are you reproducing? Part II - Pregnancy: Occupying The Palace - The Trimester Model Chapter 4 - First Trimester - Po: The Tao Gives Birth to One Chapter 5 - Liver: Month One - Liver stores Blood to nourish the uterine lining to receive the expanding blastocyst as the embryos extraordinary channels begin to develop. Issues: Threatened miscarriage & ectopic pregnancy Chapter 6 - Gallbladder: Month Two - Mothers Gallbladder energies enliven further embryologic development. Issues: Developmental stalls, anemia, nausea and vomiting Chapter 7 - Pericardium: Month Three - The Pericardium provides the calm and quiet needed to purify the embryo before it moves on to the second trimester. Issues: Emotional lability, fatigue Chapter 8 - Second Trimester - Shen Receives Its Program: The One Gives Birth to Two Chapter 9 - Triple Energizer: Month Four Issues: Fetal toxins, constipation, low back pain, varicosities, skin discoloration Chapter 10 - Spleen: Month Five Issues: Restless limbs, gestational diabetes Chapter 11 - Stomach: Month Six Issues: Abdominal discomfort, urinary symptoms Chapter 12 - Lungs: Month Seven Issues: Intrauterine Growth Retardation, Edema Chapter 13 - Third Trimester - Hun Carries out the Curriculum in Time: The Two Give Birth to Three Chapter 14 - Large Intestine: Month Eight Issues: Obstetric cholestasis, amniotic fluid, abruptio placenta, pre-eclampsia Chapter 15 - Kidney: Month Nine Issues: malposition, breech presentations Chapter 16 - Bladder: Month Ten - Bladder Preparing for labor and exiting the Palace Issues: Birthing delays, retained placenta, lactation difficulty, postpartum recovery

Randine Anderson Lewis, PhD, LAc, author of The Infertility Cure, The Way of the Fertile Soul, and Spirit of the Blood, has founded numerous clinics and educational programs, lectures internationally, and conducts intensive Chinese medicine retreats and teaching workshops. She is presently on faculty at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, where she teaches for their integrative medicine doctoral program.

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