The Adult Autism Assessment Handbook

A Neurodiversity Affirmative Approach


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Davida Hartman,Maeve Kavanagh,Juliana Azevedo,Tara O'Donnell-Killen,Jessica Doyle,Dr Anna Day
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Davida Hartman is an Adjunct Professor, as well as founder, Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist at The Adult Autism Practice and The Childrens Clinic, both specialising in best practice Neuro-Affirmative autism assessments. She is also an author, having written many previous books with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Tara ODonnell-Killen is the founder and Principal Psychologist at Thriving Autistic, a non-profit global multidisciplinary team of Autistic and otherwise Neurodivergent practitioners who specialise in supporting late-identified neurodivergent adults. Tara has held the role of Support lead for the Adult Autism Practice since inception and frequently lectures on Neuro-Affirmative Practice for universities across the UK and Ireland.

Jessica K Doyle is an Autistic Assistant Psychologist at the Adult Autism Practice, a director at Thriving Autistic, a project officer at TCDSense, and a consultant and researcher passionate about exploring Autistic perception and repositioning the lens away from thwarting Neurodivergent authenticity to designing for diversity, fostering growth and committing to universal design.

Dr Maeve Kavanagh is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has worked with the Autistic community in both public and private services in Ireland since 2008. Maeve has worked as a Principle Clinical Psychologist with The Adult Autism Practice since its foundation in 2020, and is Co-Director of Childversity, specialising in Neuro-Affirmative autism assessments for children and adolescents.

Dr Anna Day is an Autistic clinical psychologist, worked previously in the UKs NHS and is now a Senior Clinical Psychologist at The Adult Autism Practice. Annas daughter is Autistic. Anna is passionate about advocating for Autistic rights and Neuro-Affirmative approaches within mental health care and education.

Dr Juliana Azevedo is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has worked in public and private mental health services. She also works with The Adult Autism Practice since 2020. She has developed and is piloting a service identifying Autistic children, young people and adults referred to a psychology primary care service.

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