Therapeutic Communities for Children and Young People


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Author: Kajetan Kasinski,Peter Wilson,Jane Pooley,Linnet McMahon,Alan Worthington,Adrian Ward
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Part 1 Ideas and origins: introduction, Adrian Ward; the core framework, Adrian Ward; the roots of work - definitions, origins and influences, Kajetan Kasinski; the roots of mental health - emotional development and the caring environment, Monica Lanyado; group thinking, Philip Stokoe; the contribution of systemic thinking and practice, Collette Richardson. Part 2 Practice: introduction -''where's the therapy?'', Adrian Ward; using everyday life, Adrian Ward; the meaning of good experience, Jenny Carter; relationships and the therapeutic setting, Alan Worthington; structured work - the space to think, Alan Worthington; developing the quality of teaching and learning in a therapeutic school, Andy Lole; keeping families in mind, Jane Pooley. Part 3 Management and development: introduction, Adrian Ward; management and leadership, Richard Rollinson; consultancy and supervision, Peter Wilson; staff development and training, Andrew Collie; the challenge of research, John Wright. Part 4 Applications and the future: introduction, Adrian Ward; applying the therapeutic community model in other settings, Linnet McMahon; therapeutic childcare and the local authority, Michael Maher; developing community groupwork in a secure setting, David Hartman; conclusion, review, reflection and reading key processional organizations in the United Kingdom, Jane Pooley et al.

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