Person Centered Planning and Care Management with People with Learning D



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Sue Ledger,Steven Carnaby,Paul Cambridge,Paul Cambridge,Tony Osgood,Jim Mansell,Robina Shah
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1. Introduction and Overview, Paul Cambridge and Steven Carnaby, Tizard Centre, University of Kent at Canterbury. 2. Person Centred Planning and Person-Centred Action: A Critical Perspective, Jim Mansell and Julie Beadle-Brown, Tizard Centre, University of Kent at Canterbury. 3. Relationships between Care Management and Person Centred Planning, Simon Duffy and Helen Sanderson. 4. Managing the Tensions between the Interests of Organisations and Service Users, Tony Osgood, Tizard Centre, University of Kent at Canterbury. 5. Promoting Empowerment: Your Life Can Change If You Want It To, Doris Clark, Robert Garland, Circles Network, Bristol and Val Williams, Norah Fry Research Centre, Bristol. 6. Involving Young People with Learning Disabilities Leaving School in Planning for the Future, Patricia Lewis, Shepherd School, Nottingham and Steven Carnaby. 7. Total Communication, Person Centred Planning and Person-Centred Services, David Dick, Learning Disability Service, Somerset and Karin Purvis, Somerset Partnership and Social Care Trust. 8. The Role of Communication in Person Centred Planning: Working with People with Complex Needs, Jill Bradshaw, Manchester Metropolitan University. 9. Addressing Ethnicity and the Multicultural Context, Robina Shah, Stockport Acute NHS Trust. 10. Implementing and Reviewing Person Centred Planning: Links with Care Management, Clinical Support and Commissioning, Hector Medora and Sue Ledger, Kensington and Chelsea NHS Primary Care Trust. 11. Person Centred Planning and Direct Payments: Opening Doors for People with Learning Disabilities, Julie Beadle-Brown, Tizard Centre, University of Kent at Canterbury. 12. Person Centred Planning and Risk: Challenging the Boundaries, Helen Alaszewski And Andy Alaszewski, Centre for Health Services Studies, University of Kent at Canterbury. 13. Person Centred Planning and the Adult Protection Process, Hilary Brown with Karen Scott, Salomans, Canterbury Christ Church University College. 14. Considerations for Making PCP and Care Management Work: Summary Observations and Concluding Remarks, Paul Cambridge and Steven Carnaby. The Contributors. Subject Index. Author Index.

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