Working to be Someone: Child Focused Research and Practice with Working


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By: Beatrice Hungerland,Antonella Invernizzi,Madeleine Leonard,Manfred Liebel,William Myers,Anne Wihstutz,Virginia Morrow,Phillip Mizen,Brian Milne,Sandy Hobbs
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Introduction. Beatrice Hungerland, Manfred Liebel, Brian Milne and Anne Wihstutz. Part 1. Theoretical Approaches. 1. A Feminist Economist's Approach to Children's Work. Deborah Levison, University of Minnesota, MN. 2. Working Children and the Cultural Perception of Childhood. Zandra Pedraza-Gómez, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. 3. Harmed by Work or Developing Through Work?: Issues in the Study of Psychosocial Impacts. Martin Woodhead, Open University. 4. The Reintegration of Children into the Adult World of Work: Ominous Sign or Cause for Optimism? Dieter Kirchhöfer, University of Potsdam, Germany. Part 2. Care and Domestic Work. 5. Child Domestic Workers in Zimbabwe. Michael Bourdillon, University of Zimbabwe, Harare. 6. Negotiating Gender Identities: Domestic Work of Indian Children in Britain and in India. Vinod Chandra, Indian Institute of Technology, Khargpur. 7. The Significance of Care and Domestic Work to Children: A Germany Portray. Anne Wihstutz, Martin-Luther University, Germany. 8. 'Helping at Home': The Concept of Childhood and Work Among the Nahuas of Tlaxcala Mexico. Martha Areli Ramírez Sánchez, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. Part 3. Work and Competence. 9. Children's Work as Preparation for Adulthood: A British Perspective. Jim McKechnie and Sandy Hobbs, University of Paisley. 10. Working Children in Fez, Morocco: Relationship Between Knowledge and Strategies for Social and Professional Integration. Bernard Schlemmer, Institute de Recherche pour le Développement, France.11. Working and Growing Up in America: Myths and Realities. Jeylan T. Mortimer, University of Minnesota, MN. 12. Between Prohibition and Praise: Some Hidden Aspects of Children's Work in Affluent Societies. Manfred Liebel, Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Part 4. Participation of Working Children. 13. Children's Work as 'Participation': Thoughts on Ethnographic Data in Lima and the Algarve. Antonella Invernizzi, Swansea University,. 14. Child Employment in Northern Ireland: Myths and Realities. Madeleine Leonard, Queens University. 15. Vocabularies, Motives and Meanings - School-Age Workers in Britain: Towards a Synthesis? Christopher Pole, University of Leicester. 16. Child Work and Child Labour in Italy: The Point of View of the Children. Maria Teresa Tagliaventi, Istituto degli Innocenti, Italy.17. Work - A Way to Participative Autonomy for Children. Beatrice Hungerland, University of Applied Sciences, Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany. Part 5. Citizenship and Working Children's Movements and Organisations. 18. The Stakes of Children's Participation in Africa: The African Movement of Working Children and Youth. Hamidou Coly, street worker and collaborator of the African Movement of Working Children and Fabrizio Terenzio, Youth Action Team, ENDA, Senegal. 19. Working With Working Children in India. Nandana Reddy, Concerned for Working Children, India. 20. Dialogue and Empowerment for Change: The Influence of Organisations of Working Children in Southeast Asia on the Social Status of Working Children. Dominique Pierre Plateau, Save the Children, Sweden. 21. Do the Participation Articles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child Present Us with a Recipe for Children's Citizenship? Brian Milne, Consultant Researcher and Trainer in Children's Rights, Swansea. Part 6. Challenges and Perspectives for Research and Policy. 22. Challenges for Social Research and Action with Working Children. Virginia Morrow, University of London. 23. Some Suggestions for Social Research on Working Children's Initiatives. William E. Myers, University of California, CA. 24. The Balance Model Reconsidered: Changing Perceptions of Child Employment. Sandy Hobbs and Jim McKechnie.25. Exploring Children's Work Through Pictures. Phil Mizen, University of Warwick.Bibliography. The Contributors. Subject index. Author index.Author informationBeatrice HungerlandManfred LiebelBrian MilneAnne WihstutzSubject areasChild Psychiatry and PsychologyChildren's RightsWorking with Children and FamiliesNew booksPeople who bought this, also boughtThe Child's World: Assessing Children in Need Edited by Jan Horwath

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