Residential Child Care: Perspectives and Challenges


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Van Beinum,Christine Barter,Ruth Emond,Joe Francis,Janet Boddy,Jo Dixon,Brigid Daniel,Roger Bullock,Claire Cameron,Aileen Barclay
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Contents: 1. Introduction: Residential Child Care. Andrew Kendrick, Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. Promoting Well-being and Development 2. Could Do Better! Supporting the Education of Looked After Children. Joe Francis, University of Edinburgh.3. The Health of Looked After Children in Residential Care. Jane Scott, University of Dundee; Harriet Ward, University of Loughborough; and Malcolm Hill, University of Strathclyde. 4. Mental Health and Children and Young People in Residential Care. Michael van Beinum, NHS Lanarkshire and University of Glasgow. 5. The Concept of Resilience: Messages for Residential Child Care. Brigid Daniel, University of Dundee. 6. Young People Leaving Residential Care: Experiences and Outcomes. Jo Dixon, University of York. Addressing Issues of Discrimination 7. Gender Matters in Residential Child Care. Teresa O'Neill, University of Bristol. 8. Disabled Children in Residential Settings. Kirsten Stalker, University of Strathclyde. 9. Black and Minority Ethnic Children and Young People in Residential Care. Andrew Kendrick, Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. Conflict and Response. 10. Prioritising Young People's Concerns in Residential Care: Responding to Peer Violence. Christine Barter, University of Bristol. 11. Hold On: Physical Restraint in Residential Child Care. Laura Steckley and Andrew Kendrick, Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. 12. Blurring the Boundaries: The Relationship between Secure Accomodation and 'Alternatives' in Scotland. Aileen Barclay, University of Stirling and Lynne Hunter, University of Strathclyde. Context and Culture. 13. Children's Voices, Children's Rights. Ruth Emond, University of Stirling. 14. Therapeutic Approaches in Residential Child Care. Irene Stevens and Judy Furnivall, Scottish Institute of Residential Child Care, University of Strathclyde. 15. Staffing, Training and Recruitment: Outcomes for Young People in Resdiential Care in Three Countries. Claire Cameron and Janet Boddy, Institute of Education, University of London. 16. Leadership, Structure and Culture in Residential Child Care. Roger Bullock, Dartington Social Research Unit. Subject index. Author index.

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