Overcoming Loss: Activities and Stories to Help Transform Children's Gri


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By: Julia Sorensen
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Introduction. Preface. How to Use this Workbook. PART I Expressive Exercises - Feelings: Activity 1 - Creating a Safe Place to Be: An introduction to feeling work. Activity 2 - Feeling Puzzle: What are the names of your feelings? Activity 3 - Match the Feeling Game: Recognizing your feelings. Activity 4 - Faces Collage: Learning what emotions are expressed on faces. Activity 5 - Feeling Faces: Draw a face to match the feeling word. Activity 6 - Feeling Words: Building a vocabulary of feeling words. Activity 7 - Finish the Sentence: Choosing a feeling word from the vocabulary list. Activity 8 - What Color Are my Feelings? Find out what color your feelings are. Activity 9 - Feelings Rainbow: Expressing your feelings through colors. PART II Expressive Exercises Continued - Identifying your Everyday Losses: Activity 10 - Saying Good Bye Is Hard to Do: Learning about everyday closures. Activity 11 - Talking About Losses with Pets or Toys: Recognizing, talking, and drawing about pet or toy losses. Activity 12 - Good Memories: Celebrating beautiful memories. Activity 13 - Memory Boxes: A way to honor the good times Activity 14 - New Perspectives: A new way to remember and feel. PART III Approaching the Loss Experience Through Fiction: Activity 15 - Story Time: Lilly Has to Say Good-Bye PART IV Creating Groups - Four Week Group Curriculum. RESOURCES: Appendix A: Cover page to be used if exercises are to be made into a personalized book. Appendix B: Feelings vocabulary list. Appendix C: US, Canadian and international associations and web addresses. Appendix D: Recommended reading list. Appendix E: Handouts. Appendix F: Group screening questionnaire and group evaluation activity.

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