Safeguarding Children in Primary Care


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Anne Whittaker,Martyn Jones,Barbara Juen,Florian Juen,Toine Lagro-Janssen,James Law,Anne Lazenbatt,Leila Mackie,Dona Milne,Sarah Nelson
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Chapter One: Safeguarding Children in Primary Health Care - an Introduction. Markus Themessl-Huber, Central Queensland University, Australia and Julie Taylor, University of Dundee, Scotland.; Part 1. Roles and Remits of Primary Health Care Professionals.; Chapter Two. Preparing for the Special Challenge of Sexual Abuse. Sarah Nelson, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.; Chapter Three. Safeguarding Children: A Dutch GP's Perspective on Child Protection in Primary Health Care. Floris Van De Laar and Toine Lagro-Janssen, both of Radboud University Nijmegan Medical Centre, Netherland.; Chapter Four. Safeguarding Children: The Role of the Paediatrician. Ruth Skelton, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.; Chapter Five. Safeguarding Children: The Role of the Primary Care Dentist. Ruth Freeman, University of Dundee, Scotland.; Chapter Six. Violence in the Community. Anne Lazenbatt, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland.; Part 2. Practical Interventions Suitable for Primary Health Care.; Chapter Seven. Safeguarding and Promoting the Wellbeing of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Michelle O'Neill, Susanne Zeedyk and Martyn Jones, all of the University of Dundee, Scotland.; Chapter Eight. Communication, Behaviour and Child Protection. James Law and Leila Mackie, both of Queen Margaret University, Scotland.; Chapter Nine. Protection through Emotional Responsiveness. Florian Juen, Therapiezentum 'Die Eule' Therapy Centre for Children, Austria and Barbara Juen, University of Innsbruck, Austria.; Chapter Ten. Assessment and Interventions for Child Trauma and Abuse. Jacqueline Feather and Kevin Ronan, both of the Central Queensland University, Australia.; Part 3. Strategic Interventions in and Beyond Primary Health Care.; Chapter Eleven. Proactive in Protection: A Public Health Approach to Child Protection. Lindsay Ferguson, NHS Tayside, Scotland.; Chapter Twelve. The Role of the Child Health Commissioner in Safeguarding Children. Caroline Selkirk, Child Health Commissioner, NHS Tayside, Scotland.; Chapter Thirteen. 'Child Death Review'. Catherine Powell, Portsmouth City Teaching PCT, England.; Part 4. Safeguarding Challenges in the Primary Health Care Context.; Chapter Fourteen. Parental Problem Drug Use. Anne Whittaker, NHS Lothian, Scotland.; Chapter Fifteen. The Limits, Challenges and Opportunities of Safeguarding Children in the Context of Primary Care. Markus Themessl-Huber, Central Queensland University, Australia, Anne Claveirole, Janette Pow, Dona Milne and Lawrie Elliot, all of Napier University, Scotland.; Chapter Sixteen. Safeguarding Children Where There May be Concerns about Ritualistic Abuse or Spirit Possession. Julie Taylor and Jane Cantrell, NHS Education Scotland, Edinburgh.; Index.

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