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By: Robert Lipgar,Malcolm Pines
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BUILDING ON BION: ROOTS. Preface, Malcolm Pines and Robert M. Lipgar. Introduction, James S. Grotstein, UCLA, USA. Part I: Roots and Early Developments.1. Re-discovering Bion's Experiences in Groups: Notes and Commentary on Theory and Practice, Robert M. Lipgar. 2. Bion's War Memoirs: A psychoanalytical commentary, Paulo Cesar Sandler, Sociedade Brasiliera de Psicanalise de Sao Paulo, Brazil. 3. Gregariousness and the Mind: Wilfred Trotter and Wilfred Bion, Nuno Torres, University of Essex. 4. Group Dynamics: A Re-view, Matias Sanfuentes, University of Essex. 5. Anthropological Psychoanalysis: Bion's Journeying in Italy, Claudio Neri, University of Rome, Italy. Part II: Bion's Context: Contemporaries and Refinements. 6. Pairing Bion and Foulkes: Towards a Metapsychosociology, Dennis Brown, Institute of Group Analysis. 7. Group Mentality and 'Having a mind', Robert Hinshelwood, University of Essex. 8. Incohesion: Aggregation/Massification - the Fourth Basic Assumption in the Unconscious Life of Groups and Group-like Social Systems, Earl Hopper. 9. Building on 'O': Bion and Epistemology, Victor L. Schermer. 10. Bion and Foulkes on Empathy, Malcolm Pines. References. Index. BUILDING ON BION: BRANCHES. Preface, Malcolm Pines and Robert M. Lipgar. Introduction, James Grotstein, UCLA, USA. Part I: Working with Groups. 1. Bion's Legacy to Median and Large Groups, Mark F. Ettin, psychotherapist, USA. 2. The Large Group and its Conductor, Gerhard Wilke, group analyst, UK. Part II: Application: Putting Bion's Ideas to Work. 3. From Groups to Group Relations: Bion's Contribution to the Tavistock 'Leicester' Conferences, Mannie Sher, Tavistock Institute. 4. Alcoholics Anonymous as Medical Treatment for Alcoholism: A Group-analytic Perspective on How it Works, Jeffrey D. Roth, psychiatrist, USA. 5. 'Attacks on Linking' and 'Alpha Function' as Two Opposite Elements in the Dynamics of Organizations, Hanna Biran, Tel Aviv University, Israel. 6. Learning at the Edges between Knowing and Not-knowing: 'Translating' Bion, Robert French and Peter Simpson, University of the West of England. 7. Narcissism v. Social-ism Governing Thinking in Social Systems, Gordon Lawrence. Part III: Bion as Pioneer in Thinking, Learning and Transmitting Knowledge. 8. Transcending the Caesura: The Road Towards Insight - from Experiences in Groups to A Memoir of the Future, Lia Pistiner de Cortinas, psychoanalyst, Argentina. 9. 'So you want to write a fugue?' Wilfred R. Bion with Glenn Gould, Jacqueline P. Colombier, analyst, France. 10. Preconception and Realisation: A Constant Conjunction of Theory and Measurement, Steven R. Brown, Kent State University, USA. References. Index.

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